Program Review/Approval Contacts

In addition to working with leadership in your home unit, programs should work with academic planners and dean's office staff in their own school/college. The Office of Academic Planning and Institutional Research (APIR), as well as the Graduate School for graduate programs, also work closely on reviews and approvals. Thus, representatives from each unit category below should be consulted; and depending on the status of the review or proposal, programs will be redirected as appropriate.

School/College Dean’s Office and Academic Planner Contacts AND School/College Academic Planning Council (APC)

Typically, your contact will be an assistant/associate dean or academic planner in your school/college dean’s office. Please see the quick list of school/college academic planning contacts below and the attached full list of School-College Academic Planner contacts, updated as of November 2019.

Your school/college APC (or equivalent) is the school/college governance body that reviews proposals, applies school/college policy, and advises the dean.

 College of Agricultural and Life Sciences  Karen Wassarman  Associate Dean, Academic Affairs
 School of Business  Ella Mae Matsumura
 Senior Associate Dean for Academic Programs
 School of Education  Carolyn Kelley  Senior Associate Dean for Academic Programs
 College of Engineering  David Noyce  Associate Dean, Academic Affairs
 School of Human Ecology Annette McDaniel Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education
 Law School
 College of Letters and Science Elaine Klein Associate Dean for Academic Planning
 Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies Paul Zedler Associate Dean, Research and Education
 School of Medicine and Public Health Andrea Poehling Policy and Planning Analyst
 School of NursingDan Associate Dean, Academic Affairs
 School of Pharmacy Mel deVilliers Associate Dean, Academic Affairs
 School of Veterinary Medicine Lynn Maki Associate Dean for Student Academic Affairs

Academic Planning and Institutional Research (APIR) Contacts AND University Academic Planning Council (UAPC) Contacts

The APIR contacts below provide campus oversight and coordination of program proposals and reviews. They can provide overall and undergraduate program approval/review guidance as well as direct you to relevant campus data resources. For graduate programs, you are encouraged to also connect with Graduate School contacts.

The UAPC is the campus-level governance body that approves reviews/approvals and campus policy. Further information on the UAPC can be found at

Jocelyn Milner
Vice Provost, Academic Planning and Institutional Research

Graduate School Contacts AND Graduate Faculty Executive Committee (GFEC) Contacts

The Graduate School contacts below provide oversight and coordination of program proposals and reviews for graduate programs and capstone certificates. They can provide graduate program approval/review guidance, direct you to campus data resources, and provide additional data support for graduate program reviews.

The GFEC is the graduate faculty governance body that approves graduate program and capstone certificate reviews/approvals as well as graduate policy. Further information on the GFEC can be found:

Parmesh Ramanathan
Associate Dean, Graduate School

Emily Reynolds
Academic Planning Specialist

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