Help Desk - Student Developer Position Description (Student Leadership Program)

Student Developer
DoIT Help Desk Support Staff
Division of Information Technology (DoIT) Help Desk
University of Wisconsin - Madison

Position Summary

Student Developers are responsible for creating, updating, and testing the web applications used by the DoIT Help Desk and other departments in User Services. These applications include the staff schedule, staff lookup, dispatch utility, and several others that Help Desk staff use every day.

The position provides student employees with technical and project management skills along with on-the-job experience that will benefit students when they finish college and continue in their chosen career.

This position reports to the Development Team Lead, who will work with the Level 1 Team Lead to help set the scope and define the deadlines for projects. Student Developers will earn $17.25 an hour for all Help Desk hours worked and would be required to work for a minimum of 15 hours per week.

Developers are expected to continue their professional growth at the Help Desk by participating in training for new services and by completing HDQA training, if this has not been completed upon hire.


Experience and Skills Required

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