TL - Rounding of Reported Time to Payable Time in HRS

This document describes how reported time is rounded in payable time within HRS.

Procedure At-A-Glance
Category: Rounding Time in HRS
Audience: Employees, managers, supervisors, payroll coordinators, Service Center staff.
Overarching Process: Time and Labor

General Description

This document provides a summary of how the rounding of hours is applied within HRS.  When FLSA nonexempt hourly employees enter In and Out punch times on the timesheet, the Reported Time will be rounded to a quarter hour in Payable Time based on the chart below. 

Rounding of Hours in HRS


Time is reported by the employee on the timesheet:

After the Time Administration process runs, the Payable Time Detail screen displays the Payable Time rounded by the quarter hour.

Rounding is done at the punch level. 
  • If an employee punches in at 8:03 AM, the Time Administration process runs and rounds that punch to an 8:00 AM punch. 
  • The employee punches out at 11:55 AM for lunch and the Time Administration process rounds that punch to 12:00 PM in Payable Time. 
  • The employee finishes lunch and punches back in at 12:38 PM, which will be rounded to 12:45 PM in Payable Time. 
  • The employee finishes work for the day and punches out at 4:32 PM, which will be rounded to 4:30 PM. 
The total of all rounded Payable Time for the day is displayed in the Payable Time Detail:

Note:  After the Time Admin process runs, a variation may be seen between the Reported Hours on the timesheet (which displays the Reported Time before rounding) and the Payable Time Summary (which displays Payable Time after rounding).

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