AEFIS Frequently Asked Questions:

Creating and copying Surveys

When would it be advantageous to use the Question Library?

  • If you plan to use a question in multiple surveys, you should save the question to your library to be able to quickly access it in the future.

How do I create different surveys for lecture (faculty) and discussion/lab sections (TAs)?

  • There are many ways to do this. The most common ways is to create two separate surveys one for Instructors and one for TA's.

I cannot set question as metric even if there are no questions assigned as metrics.

  • You are only allowed to assign 2 questions as metric questions. If you have recently unassigned a question as metric, it may take the system a few minutes to update and allow you to re-assign a question as metric.

What are metric questions and how to edit them?

  • Metric questions will be numerical questions that will display graphs on the survey results page for easily comparing responses to questions. You are only allowed to assign 2 questions as metric questions. If you have recently unassigned a question as metric, it may take the system a few minutes to update and allow you to re-assign a question as metric.

What instructor will students see on the survey?

  • When the survey is sent out, the words "Primary Instructor" will be replaced with the name of the primary instructor listed for that section (for instructor type questions).
  • Similarly, the words "Secondary Instructors" will be replaced with names of ALL the secondary instructors listed for the section they are enrolled in (for instructor type questions). If there are no secondary instructors, they will not see that section of the survey.

I edited a question why is it not updating when saved?

  • There is a delay in updating the question in the system, wait a few minutes and come back to see if the question has updated.

Why isn't my course listed?

  • AEFIS courses are automatically populated from ISIS, if the course is not listed in ISIS it will not show up in AEFIS. 

How are primary instructors picked?

  • Instructors are sorted by instructor role, then by campus ID number, older instructors have lowest number -->That faculty member becomes primary instructor of course.

How would you know questions are in the question library?

  • There will be a green book on the bottom right of the question window on the question editor.

Does the "No Answer" option have weight attached to it?

  • No, it has no numeric value, so it doesn't affect any of the statistics.

Where do you recommend I place the "No Answer" Field?

  • "Prepend" will place it before the answer choices.
  • "Append" will place it at the end.
  • "Prepend" is preferred because then the "no answer" choice is next to the worst answer (instead of next to the best answer) so mis-clicks will have a smaller impact.

What is the different between a "Student course evaluation" vs "Faculty Course evaluation" Survey Type?

  • Student survey types are surveys that go to students. Faculty survey types are surveys that go to faculty.

Survey Scheduling and Management

Where are my surveys from last term?

  • Navigate to : Survey->Survey Scheduler and Results
  • Near the top left you will see two tabs "Active" and "Complete".
  • Click on the "Complete tab"

Why can't I see any assigned users in my survey?

  • The "Assigned Users" User List will not be populated until the survey has been run.

I just scheduled a survey, why don't I see any courses to assign?

  • The list of courses you can pick assignments from is not populated immediately after scheduling a survey. It may not be available for up to 3 hours.

How do I un-submit a survey so a student can re-complete it/change their answers.

  • Under the "Assigned Users" User List you will have the option to un-submit a survey that has been completed.

Who will receive a survey?

  • Each student will receive a survey for each section they are enrolled in.

When are survey results available?

  • The day after final grades are due.

Why do surveys lock before finals week?

  • This is a high level decision that can't be changed.

Could you re-open/extend the survey evaluation period past finals?

  • This can only be done at the Department level (e.g. re-open ALL English Courses) and is a request that would have to be done by the survey admin.

I don't see the survey in the AEFIS System?

  • Your class may not be using AEFIS for course evaluations
  • Survey may already be closed. (And wont be re-opened.)

Why can't I delete a finalized survey?

  • Can't get rid of a survey after it's run.
  • If the survey has not run, you need to cancel the schedule, then "Restore" it, and then you will be able to delete it.

When can instructors add their questions to the survey?

  • If you have added a "Course Section Questions" question to your survey then instructors will be able to add their own questions after the survey has been Finalized AND the survey has been scheduled. Questions should be added at least one day before survey runs. Questions cannot be added once the survey has started. You will need to cancel the current running survey and schedule a new one if a question must be added or edited.

How is the "Cancel" button different than the "Stop" in the survey schedule page?

  • Stop --> Don't schedule this survey next semesters, if you just stop it it will continue to run this semester but not next.
  • Cancel --> Don't run this survey right now.

When do surveys close?

  • Surveys close at midnight on the day selected for the end date.

Will students receive an email to my survey?

  • Students will receive an email with a link to AEFIS ( and the homepage will list surveys that they can take.

How many emails will students receive?

  • Students will receive one email invitation for every section they enrolled in if that section is being surveyed. After that they will receive an email reminder every three days. Survey creators have the option of choosing whether students are sent out email invitation and reminders so email frequency may vary.

How often does AEFIS pull data from ISIS?

  • AEFIS updates its database nightly with the latest ISIS data

My Course information isn't correctly listed in AEFIS

  • AEFIS lists student and course data directly from ISIS. Please check that the information is correctly listed on ISIS and wait for the nightly ISIS->AEFIS update cycle.

How does the "Email Preview" work?

  • Email Preview takes a random student and shows you what the actual email that will be sent to that student looks like. You will not be able to use this option until you have assigned a course to the survey because it needs a list of students to pull data from.

What is the Email Queue Manager

  • The Email Queue Manager keeps copies of actual emails sent out to students

My survey response is very low, how do you recommend I run my surveys?

    There are two main ways AEFIS is being used.
  • 1) Survey invitations are sent out to students. -> Students fill out surveys outside class
  • 2) In class survey, no survey invitation higher response -> Instructor tells students to bring their internet connected device on a specific day to fill out survey in class.
  • Note: This way results in higher student response, although some class time is taken.

Can you Test send a survey email?

  • No

Can you assign a course to a survey after the survey started?

  • You can assign courses after a survey has started, but students will get less time to complete them. There will also be a delay when the course is assigned and when the students receive the invitation.

Can I combine survey results for different classes?

  • If both classes used the same survey you can combine results.
  • If classes were assigned to different surveys you need to manually combine them in Excel.
  • If you have questions in the survey library, you can compare results across different surveys that contain that question, which allows questions to be tracked across time, otherwise not possible.

How are "Meets With" and "Cross Listed" sections handled?

  • Students are artificially put into the primary courses (check ISIS to see which is primary), so when assigning a course - only survey primary sections, which will include all students in primary and secondary sections.

If we are the secondary in the course how do we see the results?

What information does AEFIS know about students that I can use to run analysis?

  • AEFIS knows all information about students: major, GPA, name, etc. You can filter all this information and it will be associated with the survey. AEFIS creates a snapshot of each semester, doesn't change with student progress.

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