Master List of Research Acronyms

This document contains a list of research related acronyms.

Research Acronym List



 45 CFR 46  Federal Policy for the Protection of Human Research Subjects (Common Rule)
 AAALAC  Association for the Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care International
 AAAS  American Association of the Advancement of Science
 AALAS  American Association for Laboratory Animal Science
 AAHRPP  Association for the Accreditation of Human Research Protection Programs
 ABSA  American Biological Safety Association
 ABSO  Assistant Biosafety Officer
 ACAPAC  All Campus Animal Planning and Advisory Committee
 ACIP  Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices
 ACRQ Animal Contact Risk Questionnaire
 ACUC  Animal Care and Use Committee
 AE  Adverse Event
 ALRA  Annual Leave Reserve Account
 APHIS  Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service- the division of the USDA that inspects facilities for compliance with AWARs
 ARC  Animal Resources Center- central animal operations unit that staffs that animal facilities overseen by the School of Veterinary Medicine ACUC
 ARL  Academic Research License
 ARO  Alternate Responsible Official
 ARROW  Application for Review of Research Oversight at Wisconsin- online protocol application system for IACUC, IBC, IRB, and SCRO
 ART  Animal Research Technician- the common title for the classified staff who provide daily husbandry care to animals in campus vivaria
 ATS  Animal Transfer Station
 AU  Annual Update for Animal Protocols
 AUTM  Association of University Technology Managers
 AV  Attending Veterinarian- a position defined in the AWA having comprehensive authority over animal care
 AWA Animal Welfare Act- the law passed by Congress in 1966
 AWAR Animal Welfare Act Regulations-provides details for compliance and penalties under the AWA
 BAA  Business Associate Agreement
 BBP  Bloodborne Pathogen
 Bio-ARROW  ARROW for Biosafety
 BL  Biological Laboratory
 BMBL  Biosafety in Microbiological and Biomedical Laboratories
 BSC  Biosafety Cabinet
 BSL  Biosafety Level- BSL1 (least safeguards), BSL2, BSL3, BSL4 (most safeguards)
 BSO  Biosafety Officer
 CAD  Clean Air Device
 CALS  College of Agricultural and Life Sciences
 CCV  Chief Campus Veterinarian- the title equivalent to the AV on campus; the CCV is the overall supervisor of all RARC veterinary staff and direction of animal care
 Confidential Disclosure Agreement
 CDC  Centers for Disease Control
 CFR  Code of Federal Regulations
 CHP  Chemical Hygiene Plan
 CIC Committee on Institutional Cooperation
 CITI  Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative
 CoE College of Engineering
 COI Conflict of Interest
 CO-I Co-investigator
 COGR Council on Government Relations
 CoP Change of Protocol Application
 CR Continuing Review Protocol Application Registry
 CTA Clinical Trial Agreement
 D2P Discovery to Product
 DARPA Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
 DATCP Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection
 DHHS Department of Health and Human Services
 DoIT Division of Information Technology
 DOE Department of Energy
 DoEd Department of Education (ED)
 DOD Department of Defense
 DUA Dual Use Agreement
 DURC Dual Use Research of Concern
 EcRT Effort Certification and Reporting Technology (Effort Certification Tool)
 Education and Social/Behavioral Science Institutional Review Board
 EHS Environmental Health and Safety
 F Award
 NIH Fellowship Award (ex. F31)
 F&A Facilities and Administrative Costs (overhead and indirect cost)
 FDA Food and Drug Administration
 FFS Fee for Service
 FIFI Find It, Fix It- embodies the approach of the Animal Program Assessment Specialists, employees at RARC, who work in-depth to identify and address areas that need attention throughout the animal program; the approach is pro-active quality assessment/post approval monitoring rather than punitive or fault finding.
 FOIA Freedom of Information Act
 FP&M Facilities Planning and Management
 FSR Financial State Report
 FTE Full Time Equivalent
 FUA Facility Use Agreement
 FWA Federal Wide Assurance
 GCP Good Clinical Practice
 GLP Good Laboratory Practice
 GMO Genetically Modified Organism
 GMP Good Manufacturing Practice
 GPR General Purpose Revenue
 GSSS Graduate School Seminar Series
 HAZCOM Hazard Communication
 HAZMAT Hazardous Materials
 HBP Herpes B Potential
 hESCs Human Embryonic Stem Cells
 HIPAA Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
 hPSCs Human Pluripotent Stem Cells
 HRP Human Research Protection
 HRPP Human Research Protection Program
 Health Sciences Institutional Review Board
 IACUC Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee- institutional oversight body to ensure compliance with animal welfare regulations
 IBC Institutional Biosafety Committee
 ICOI Institutional Conflict of Interest
 ICTR Institute for Clinical and Translational Research
 IDC Indirect Costs
 IDR Invention Disclosure Report
 iPSCs Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells
 IO Institutional Official
 IR Initial Review Application
 IRB Institutional Review Board- institutional oversight for human subjects research
 IRES Integrating Research Ethics and Scholarship
 ITIS Integrated Taxonomic Information System ( provides taxonomic information on plants, animals, fungi, and microbes (IACUC-ARROW species data source)
 JIT Just in Time
 K Award
 NIH Career Development Award (ex. K12)
 L & S
 College of Letters and Science
 LAR Laboratory Animal Resources- central animal operations unit that staffs the animal facilities overseen by the SMPH IACUC
 LDS Limited Data Set
 MERI Madison Environmental Resources Incorporated
 MIR Morgridge Institute for Research
 MTA (in/out)
 Material Transfer Agreement (incoming or outgoing)
 Minimal Risk Institutional Review Board (Health Sciences)
 NAS National Academy of Sciences
 NCE No Cost Extension
 NCURA National Council of University Research Administrators
 NDA Non-Disclosure Agreement
 NFA Non-Funded Agreement
 NHP Non-Human Primate
 NRSA National Research Service Award
 NSF National Science Foundation
 OAR Outside Activity Report
 OBA Office of Biotechnology Activities
 OBS Office of Biological Safety- PIs submit biosafety protocols to the OBS
 OCR Office of Corporate Relations
 OHRP Office for Human Research Protections
 OIP Office of Industrial Partnerships
 OLA Office of Legal Affairs
 OLAW Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare- the office of the NIH that oversees and enforces compliance with the PHS Policy: The Humane Care and Use of Laboratory Animals
 OMB Office of Management and Budget
 ORI Office of Research Integrity
 ORP Office of Research Policy
 OSHA Occupational Safety and Health Administration
 OSTP Office of Science and Technology Policy
 P Award
 NIH Program Project/ Center Grants (ex. P51)
 PA Project Associate
 PAM Post Approval Monitor
 PHI Public Health Information
 PI Principal Investigator
 PIM/OPIM Potentially Infectious Material/ Other Potentially Infectious Material
 PLuS Protocol Look-up System
 PPR Personal Protective Equipment
 PRC Pharmaceutical Research Center
 PRIMR Public Responsibility in Medicine and Research
 PVL Position Vacancy Listing
 QCOAC Quality and Compliance Oversight and Advisory Committee
 QCOC Quality and Compliance Operations Committee
 R Award
 NIH Research Project Grant Program (ex. R01)
 RA Research Associate
 RAC Recombinant DNA Advisory Committee
 RARC Research Animal Resources Center
 RCR Responsible Conduct of Research
 RFP Request for Proposal
 RIO Research Integrity Officer
 RO Responsible Official
 RPAC Research Policy Advisory Committee
 RSC Research Safety Committee
 RSP Research and Sponsored Programs
 SA Select Agent
 SBIR Small Business Innovation Research
 SC Stem Cell
 SCRO Stem Cell Research Oversight Committee
 SDS Safety Data Sheet
 SEED State Economic Engagement and Development Research Program
 SFS Shared Financial System
 SMPH School of Medicine and Public Health
 SOP Standard Operating Procedure
 SRA Sponsored Research Agreement
 STTR Small Business Technology Transfer
 SVM School of Veterinary Medicine
 T Award
 NIH Research Training Award (ex. T32)
 TA Teaching Assistant
 TRO Trustworthiness and Reliability Officer
 UA Unanticipated Problem
 UG Uniform Guidance
 UI/GUI User Interface/ Graphical User Interface
 UIDP University-Industry Demonstration Partnership
 URA University Research Association, Inc
 USDA United States Department of Agriculture
 USP United States Pharmacopeia
 UWCCC UW Carbone Cancer Center
 UX User Experience
 VCRGE Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education
 VMO Veterinary Medical Officer- an employee of APHIS who at least annually insects animal facilities for compliance with AWARs
 WARF Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation
 WICTC Wisconsin Center for Technology Commercialization
 WID Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery
 WID/MIR Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery/Morgridge Institute for Research
 WIMR Wisconsin Institutes for Medical Research
 WISPER Electronic Routing System for Extramural Applications and Agreements
 WISDM Wisconsin Data Mart- shared financial information is loaded into this portal


UW-Madison Funding Codes in WISDM:
  • 101: State General Purpose Revenue Funds
  • 133: Non-Federal Funds
  • 135: WARF Funds
  • 136: Revenue Producing Activity Funds
  • 144: Federal Funds
  • 150: Overhead (IDC) Return Funds
  • 233: Gift Funds

NIH Centers:

NIH Career Awards:

Types of NIH Grants:

NIH Glossary:

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