Kaltura - Media Collaboration - Changing media ownership, adding editors and publishers (UW-Madison)

This document covers the attributes of UW-Madison Kaltura Mediaspace's collaborators feature. With the collaborators feature, you are able to designate other users as owners, co-editors, and co-publishers of your media items. This is extremely beneficial if you work in a collaborate environment in which other people might need to manipulate or post media for you. An example of this might involve an instructor uploading a media item and then designating a local support person as a co-editor and/or co-publisher so that person can embed the content in a learning management system or departmental website.

For more information on the collaboration feature, permissions granted to co-editors/publishers, and how to add people as co-editors/publishers, please see the Kaltura document located here: https://knowledge.kaltura.com/media-collaboration.

Please note that the person you are trying to add must have logged into Kaltura MediaSpace at least once in order for you to be able to find a person and add them as a collaborator. If the user has not logged in at least once, you will get an error message: "Error: user does not exist". Once you've confirmed the user has logged into http://mediaspace.wisc.edu/ try adding them to the channel again.

If you would like to retain access to media but change ownership from you to someone else, make sure you add yourself as a co-editor/publisher before changing the owner.

As of 06/23/2016 MediaSpace does not provide the functionality for you to bulk change the owners, co-editors, or co-publishers of individual or multiple media items.

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