MyUW - Bug - Server Not Found error

Users are experiencing an intermittent Server Not Found error in MyUW. We do not yet know why this is happening, but are at least documenting some troubleshooting steps that may help.


Some users are intermittently unable to access MyUW, experiencing instead a Server Not Found error.


This bug is really annoying. We apologize for the inconvenience and for the trouble we are having in resolving it promptly.

Help MyUW troubleshoot this please

If you experience this issue and are able, please

  1. Print the page to PDF or to HTML (that is, to a file, not to paper.)
  2. Send the resulting file or files to the Help Desk so that they can inform our troubleshooting of this issue. ( Get Help from DoIT )

If you are not comfortable gathering this information, no worries. We are seeking more examples of it happening to inform trying to fix it, but we understand not all users will have the time or comfort to participate in this, and that is totally okay.

Possible workarounds

We do not yet know what is causing this, so it is hard to say what will fix it or allow you to work around it in specific experiences of it.

Things you might try, in increasing order of inconvenience (sorry!):

  • Refresh the browser page.
  • Try a different web browser.
  • Close your browser and re-open it and try again.
  • Try a different computer.

You might try these steps yourself, or you might try them with the help of the Helpdesk ( Get Help from DoIT ).

We are very interested in your experience of this issue and in what if anything worked for you to work around it. Please do let the Helpdesk know of your experience if you are comfortable doing so.

The deeper fix

The MyUW team is working to understand why this error is happening and what can be done to make it stop. It is annoying us too.

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