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This user procedure is how to review an employee's Deduction Prepay Balance.

Procedure At-A-Glance
Category: Deduction Prepay
Audience: Institution Benefits Administrators and UWSC Staff
Navigation:  Benefits > Manage Automated Enrollment > Events > Deduction Prepay > Ded Prepay Balance Review Page
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General Description

Benefit Administrators need to review an employee's Deduction Prepay Balances to determine if the employee has sufficient funds to cover insurance deductions during a leave of absence or because the will be off payroll during the summer months.  View BN - Security Role BN Deduction Prepay Review for information on the security access needed to view the Deduction Prepay Balances.

Process Inputs

  • Empl ID

Process Considerations

  • Balances will updated after the each payroll confirmation.
  • Changes in enrollment will impact Deduction Prepay Balances during the leave of absence.

Procedure Steps

1.  Click Benefits
2.  Click Manage Automated Enrollment

3.  Click Events

4.  Click Deduction Prepay

5.  Click Ded Prepay Balance Review Page

6.  Enter Empl ID into the Search Criteria and click Search button.

Ded Prepay Balance Review - Find an Existing Value

7.  Click on the appropriate Calendar Year

Ded Prepay Balance Review - Search Results

8.  Review Deduction Prepay Balances by:
  • Preatx(A) = Prepay After Tax
  • Prebtx(B) = Prepay Before Tax
  • Pretax(T) = Prepay Taxable
Ded Prepay Balance Review - Balance

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