This document contains information on expenses allowable on UW Foundation funds.

UW Foundation Guide to Allowable expenses

UW Foundation strives to be a good steward of donor money.   All payments are looked at on a case-by-case basis with the donor in mind.  If there is doubt that the payment is in line with the donor’s wishes, the payment will not be approved. Keep in mind that while a discretionary fund allows you to spend money on any allowable expense, a discretionary fund cannot be spent on an unallowable expense.  Furthermore, some funds will be limited to certain type of expense: for example, a discretionary scholarship fund is discretionary within the realm of scholarship payments, it can’t be used for non-scholarship expenses.  Community funds are given extra flexibility because the donors are aware the funds may be used for expenses that are not typically permitted on regular UW Foundation funds (see UW Foundation Community funds).

•    No gifts except promo items of no perceived value (e.g. UW logo mugs, t-shirts, key chains, cinch sacks, etc.).
•    No payments to other non-profits (e.g. other foundations, charities, universities, etc.).
•    No tuition payments to other universities.
•    No gift cards.
•    No Payments to Individuals.
•    No non-public area furniture or office decorations, no appliances for staff use (e.g. refrigerators, microwaves, toaster ovens, coffee makers), except on UW Foundation Community funds.
•    No staff coffee or filtered or premium water, except on UWF Community funds.
     *premium water or water filtration devices are ALLOWED on State Funds if FP&M has determined there is a problem with the water supply.  If you suspect there is a problem, it is your responsibility to report it to FP&M for testing.
•    No refreshments for department-only meetings, meetings between students, classroom meetings except on UWF Community Funds.

There MUST BE A UW BUSINESS PURPOSE.  If you cannot express a benefit to the UW, it is probably not allowed.  Exception: possibly the charge could be put on a departmental UW Foundation Community fund.

Sample UW Foundation Community fund charges: retirement parties, cards or flowers for employees, department only meetings, staff coffee (See UW Foundation Community funds for more detail).

Special deposits can be used when someone is paying for something (e.g. t-shirts, conference meal) to offset charges already or soon to be posted to the UW Foundation fund.

NOT allowed on UW funds, only allowed on UW Foundation funds:
•    alumni events and activities
•    fund raising events and activities
•    advancement events and activities
•    development events and activities
•    second “house-hunting” visit from faculty candidate

Any expense that can be submitted through UW cannot be paid by UW Foundation.  UW Foundation works with Accounting Services to make sure UW Foundation payments complement UW policy.  A key concept is that the UW Foundation cannot be used to circumvent UW policy.  Trying to get around UW policy or state law by using UW Foundation funding is not allowed.

Created by John Varda April 2015, updated July 25, 2016

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