MyUW - Recommended Browsers

A list of web browsers recommended for use with MyUW.

Recommended browsers

The My UW System portal team selects the web browsers that are most secure and readily available to campus users. These browsers get the most amount of testing by developers. While the portal works with most modern browsers and support may be provided for older versions, the team recommends that you regularly upgrade your web browser to take advantage of the latest performance enhancements and problem fixes.

Please note: Before upgrading your browser, we recommend that you contact your local IT support staff for any application incompatibilities that may be important to you.

MyUW works best with the latest versions of modern web browsers such as:

  • Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Edge on desktop and laptop computers
  • Web browsers included in recent versions of iOS and Android operating systems
  • The latest available version of Chrome and Firefox for iOS

MyUW will work less well or not at all with older browsers. For instance, Internet Explorer is not recommended.

To upgrade your browser, see Web Browsers - Updating Your Browser to the Latest Version.

Considerations in upgrading your browser

It is good practice to keep your web browser up-to-date. Most of the Internet will work better and be more secure on more recent browsers.

Before upgrading, contact your local IT support staff for any application incompatibilities that could affect you. In your particular circumstances you may not be able to upgrade your browser or you may need to retain particular browser versions to work with particular applications.

Workarounds if you cannot use a latest browser

Upgrading your browser is the preferable solution to take advantage of security, performance, and functionality improvements in later browser versions.

Required settings

  1. Make sure that the browser is set to accept cookies (from both 1st party and 3rd party). See Web Browsers - Cookies FAQ for details (use the "managing cookies" links on the bottom of the page).
  2. Javascript must be enabled. See the following document for details: Web Browsers - Enabling Javascript
  3. The browser must support SSL secure connections.

Try a different browser

If you need to keep some of your browsers on particular versions to work with particular applications you need to use, maybe you can upgrade the version of a different web browser and use that different web browser to access MyUW. For instance, you might be using Internet Explorer 9 for some other non-MyUW purposes, but might be able to install or upgrade a recent Chrome browser version and use that to access MyUW (and perhaps much of the rest of the Web).

Use a different computer

If some computers you use are restricted or purpose-specific such that upgrading the web browser is not feasible, perhaps you can access MyUW from a different computer which provides a more recent web browser.

Use your mobile device

MyUW is designed to work on recent mobile and tablet devices. If you have access to such a device, you may be able to access what you need on MyUW via that device even if your available computer or computers do not provide recent browsers.

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