Preferred Name - Faculty Exceptions to the Last Name Policy

This document explains the current exception to the campus Preferred Name policy and how to handle requests that meet the criteria below.

In some cases, faculty and staff may use a name in their professional correspondence that is different from their legal name, with the former being entered as an Office 365 display name.

Example: Buckingham Badger is a researcher at UW-Madison. When he first began publishing research, this is the name he used in those publications. Buckingham is now married, and he decided to change his last name to include his wife's given name, Marten, so his legal name is now Buckingham Badger-Marten. However, he continued to use the same name (Buckingham Badger) as his Office 365 display name, so that he could be correctly identified in his professional correspondence.

Buckingham cannot change his preferred last name to be simply "Badger", as his legal name is "Badger-Marten".

This type of issue will be treated as an exception to the normal Preferred Name policy. If you have a situation similar to the one described above, please contact the DoIT Help Desk for assistance.