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This document outlines the WRS Lookback Process, the criteria used to determine eligibility, process outputs, and Institution Benefit Administrator's actions related to the process. The WRS Lookback Process inserts a Job Data row for employees who meet the Lookback criteria to drive WRS eligibility and provides an Error Handling Report for internal UW Service Center use.

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Audience: Institution Benefit Administrators; UW Service Center
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General Description

The WRS Lookback process identifies potential WRS eligible employees at the 12 month point from their original date of hire, and on a rolling 12 month lookback basis thereafter, to determine whether or not the WRS Eligible Hours threshold was met or exceeded based on the previous confirmed payroll.  If the WRS Lookback criteria has been met, the Lookback Process will add an effective dated Job row (the effective date will be equal to the first day of the next pay period), set the Eligibility Exception Field to 'Lookback', and trigger a Benefits Administration Miscellaneous (MSC) Event.  The institution Benefits Administrator will be notified of the WRS benefits eligibility change via the MSC Event Evaluation report.  Once the institution manually finalizes the MSC Event, the employee will be enrolled into the WRS.

Process Inputs

  • The WRS Lookback Process will run after each successful payroll confirm and WRS Accumulator Load process which loads data to each employee's WRS Accumulator Table.
  • To be included in this process, employees must be employed in a WRS eligible Employee Class (Empl_Class = FA, AS, LI, CP, CJ, CL, or OT1), have a Job Data Benefits Eligibility Field 1 value equal to N (not WRS eligible) on the Job Data Benefit Program Participation page. They will not already have a Job Eligibility Exception Field value equal to 'Lookback' on the Benefits Tab in Job Data or be a Rehired Annuitant with a value equal to "Rehired Annuitant Post 7/1/2013 No WRS" value.
  • To qualify, the employee must also meet or exceed the 1/3 hours threshold for their respective Employee Class and 'WRS Service Prior to 7/1/2011' status.  If the employee does not have service prior to this date, OR if the employee is a Rehired Annuitant who retired after 7/1/2013, they must meet or exceed the 2/3 equivalent hours threshold for their respective Employee Class.  For more information regarding hours thresholds and eligibility for the WRS, please visit the OHRWD website.

Process Outputs

  • Inserted Job Data row for employees who meet the WRS Lookback criteria. The effective date will be equal to the begin date of the next pay period following the payroll dates used in the Lookback Process.  The Action will be equal to 'Data Change' and the Action/Reason will be equal to 'WRS Lookback.'  The Eligibility Exception Field on the Benefits Tab will equal 'Lookback'.  An MSC Event will be created based on the Job Row and the employee will appear on the MSC Event Evaluation Report.
  • The Populate Eligibility Configuration Process will reference the Eligibility Exception Field and update the Eligibility Configuration 1 Field to a value of 'Y'.
  • Benefits Administration will run and Assign the employee to the appropriate Benefit Program, but will not finalize the Event.
  • The MSC Event Evaluation Process will run and write the employee to the MSC Event Evaluation Report showing the employee is moving from one Benefit Program to a WRS eligible Benefit Program with a message of either "Grad Eligible for WRS" or "LMT Eligible for WRS."
  • Institution Benefits Administrators should review all Job records for accuracy and then manually finalize the MSC Event which will automatically enroll the employee in the appropriate WRS Benefit Plan.  Employees should be counseled about their new benefits eligibility.

Process Considerations

  • Eligibility Configuration 1 Field on the Benefits Tab will also make the employee eligible for leave benefits.  It's critical for University Staff employees to have an updated Adjusted Continuous Service Date to ensure leave benefits will calculate correctly based on the WRS start date.  In the event Eligibility Field 1 was incorrectly populated, please contact the UW Service Center Absence Management Team to correct the employee's eligibility and allocated/accrued absence values.
  • Benefit Administrators should also update the WRS Prior State and Local Service fields to reflect 0 months of service and update the Benefit Service Date to the date they became eligible for WRS Lookback to ensure all waiting periods for benefits are enforced correctly.
  • Benefit Administrators should verify that the Health Rate Field accurately reflects if they should receive the full employer share or less than half time premium rates for State Group Health Insurance.
  • A State Group Life and Income Continuation Insurance Annual Benefit Base Rate (ABBR) must be added for all active Employee Records to accurately drive the correct premiums.


Procedure Steps

1. Review all historical Job Data to identify the Date of Hire, Employee Class (Empl_Class), and FTE and any job changes that have occurred for the employee relevant to WRS eligibility.

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2. Verify that the employee was employed 12 months back in a WRS eligible Empl_Class (FA, AS, LI, CP, CJ, CL, or OT1).

NOTE: For rehired annuitants who retired after 7/1/2013, the Lookback  period does not begin until the date of rehire subsequent to the retirement.  See BN - Rehired Annuitant Lookback Report - WRS Administration for more information on Rehired Annuitants and the Lookback Process.

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3. Verify if the employee had WRS Service prior to or after 7/1/2011 in order to establish the WRS lookback hours threshhold.  For information on WRS Lookback eligibility requirements,please
     visit the OHRWD Website.  Additional information is also available in the WRS Administrative Manual.

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4. Check the WRS Accumulator for qualifying hours.  Add up the hours over the preceding 12 months.

a)  Navigate to Benefits > Reports > Regulatory and Compliance > WRS Accumulator.
b)  Enter the Employee's Empl_ID
c)  Click the Search button

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d)  Verify on the WRS Accumulator Table that the Benefit Plan is equal to "NON"

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e)  Export to Excel by clicking the download button

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f)  Calculate the total Service Hours within the last 12 months.  If there are multiple rows, add the hours to determine the total.  For Rehired Annuitants who retired after 7/1/2013,
     only count the hours accrued from the Date of Rehire subsequent to the retirement. 

5.  If the WRS Lookback outcome is correct, finalize the MSC Event via On Demand.  (Reference BN - MSC Event Evaluation Report )

a)  Update the Benefits Service Date (Job Data Benefits tab) to reflect the WRS Lookback effective date, offset (moved to an earlier date) by the number of months of previous WRS
     state service.
b)  Update the WRS Prior State and Local Service Fields to reflect 0 months
c)  Update the Health Rate Field to reflect whether the employee should receive the full employer share or pay less than half time rates for State Group Health
d)  Update the Rehired Annuitant Field
e)  Update the WRS Service Prior to July 1, 2011 Field

NOTE:  If you are unable to add a row to Job Data, please create a ticket and assign it to your AG Group.
6.  If the WRS Lookback outcome is not correct: Create a ticket to have the Service Center override the Lookback Job Row.

Verify that any lump sums reflected in the WRS Accumulator reflect the correct number of converted hours.  There was a known issue, corrected in December 2014, where the incorrect hourly rate could have been used to convert lump sum payments.  Verify that if an employee's historic hour rate was used in the conversion, that the Empl Class for the corresponding job was potentially WRS eligible.  A list of all historical WRS Lump Sum rates can be found at the bottom of this page on the OHRWD Website.


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