MyUW - Expanded mode for widgets

Widget expanded mode explained: attractive dynamic content right on the MyUW landing page.

How do I access the expanded mode of widgets?

There is a widget mode selector right on the MyUW landing page.

UI control toggle with two modes (compact, expanded)

The default mode remains the simple, minimal mode called "compact" that just shows icons and app names, ready for launching.

Screenshot of compact mode showing selector state and some labeled icons

There's also an expanded mode. In this mode, widgets with an expanded representation will be shown as custom tiles, while widgets that do not (yet) have a custom expanded representation are still represented with their name and icon.

Screenshot of expanded mode showing the mode selector state and some widgets

Which apps in MyUW have custom expanded mode implementations?

See MyUW - Inventory of widgets with custom expanded modes.

What is an expanded mode representation of a widget?

An expanded mode representation of a widget is a small box of content associated with a within-MyUW app or an external website or web application.

These can be simple links that are the same for everyone:

Screenshot of Google Apps custom expanded widget showing its four links

Or dynamic content reflecting the viewer’s data:

Weather expanded widget showing Madison weather.

In any case expanded mode widgets are something richer than the default representation that is merely the widget name and icon as a large clickable surface for launching the content:

Screenshot of Student Center widget showing it is just an icon and text.

Why did MyUW add expanded modes for widgets?

Feedback about MyUW’s beta had been interestingly bifurcated in that some university participants prefered its cleaner feel over the MyUW classic experience, while other participants emphasized that something important had been lost in the new MyUW landing page being so sparse and useful information now being an extra click away beyond that initial landing page navigation.

The expanded mode for widgets optionally re-introduced richer content right on the MyUW landing page while keeping the responsiveness and some of the cleaner feel of the new MyUW.

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