Learn@UW/D2L - Recommendations for using Real Media Video

This document recommends a best option for using existing video in Real Media format in the Learn@UW application. Users who do not have existing media should refer to Learn@UW - Recommendations for using Windows Media Video.

This document recommends a method for using Real Media video in Learn@UW based on best compatibility with Learn@UW, broadest compatibility with browsers and operating systems, overall video quality, and viewer experience. This document is intended for instructors or staff with existing Real Media format video who either do not have access to the original source material or prefer not to change to our recommended media format.

NOTE: This document also assumes that viewers will have access to high-speed internet with a minimum speed of 768kb/DSL or equivalent. If you would prefer to consider all available options we recommend you read Learn@UW - Important Considerations When Using Audio and Video to become familiar with the concepts and then view our comprehensive audio and video solutions document Learn@UW - Using Audio and Video.

Real Media Video Recommendations:

The primary considerations of web-based video delivery via Learn@UW are delivery method, media type, and embedded vs stand-alone player.

Delivery: Streaming

Streaming format prevents or inhibits the ability of viewers to copy video content, protecting intellectual property rights.In combination with streaming, a stand-alone player allows for navigation of media via VCR-style controls. Streaming media can also reside on an optimized server external to Learn@UW, which smooths and enhances video speed and quality. Free and low-cost streaming hosting is available at www.doit.wisc.edu/streaming.

Embedded vs Stand Alone: Stand Alone

Real Player does not support the https protocol. Therefore, the embedded Real Player will not function if any file related to media playback is hosted on Learn@UW or any other https server.

Concerns & Considerations:

Real Media does not come standard on many PC computers. Using Real Media may require a software download and subsequent installation as well as a codec download for some users. Real Media files will not play on any player other than Real Media Player. Real Media Player has drawn criticism for including advertisements and for the intrusive nature of the software, which has been shown to usurp rights to media types such as mp3 on installation. This has led some users to choose not to view media, because they do not want to install the player.

Implementation: Real: Streaming

Recommended Solutions:

  1. Do not embed video or audio use the external player;
  2. Host the .ram files on an external http server; http server service is available through www.doit.wisc.edu/streaming or http://www.doit.wisc.edu/web/hosting/index.asp, or contact your local IT support for options.