This procedure provides instructions for completing the HR WED Report for No Default Schedule, by assigning a work schedule to an employee.

Procedure At-a-Glance

Category: HRS - Workflow Exception Dashboard
Audience: HR Campus Users Credentialed for WED
Overarching Process: HR, Payroll, Time and Labor
Navigation:  HRS Login > Appears on Homepage next to Menu, 
Time and Labor > Enroll Time Reporters > Assign Work Schedule
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General Description:

The UW_HR_UNC_NO_DEFAULT_SCHED WED report is an error report created to find employees without a correctly assigned work schedule.  These errors appear in the WED notifying credentialed users of missing/incorrect employee data and the ability to fix them accordingly in an on-demand basis. 

A default work schedule will be assigned based on the workgroup. The normal work schedule will be Monday-Friday 7:45a-4:30p or 8 hours/day. If an employee's permanent working hours change or they are asked to work a different schedule for an extended length of time, the work schedule should be changed so that the working time is evaluated correctly and, thus, paid correctly. If an employee's working hours are changed for a day or week, the hours may be changed on the time sheet to reflect the change.

This procedure provides instructions for completing the WED report by assigning a work schedule to an employee, and is derived from the job aid linked at the bottom of this document. For more specific information on how to navigate and use the WED, please see the related job aids at the bottom of the page.

Procedure Steps

To perform this procedure, please follow these steps:

  1. Log in to HRS, WED Error Queries appear to the right of the Main Menu. Error Queries appear based on your current security and whether there are errors to fix. 
  2. Click on the UW HR No Default Schedule Query


  3. Click the 'Check to Claim' check box, your name will appear in the Claimed by Section with the Date and Time noted.


  4. Click Link to SCH_ASSIGN
  5. You are taken to the Assign Work Schedule page (Time and Labor > Enroll Time Reporters > Assign Work Schedule)
    Enter the employee's EmplID or Name
  6. If the employee is a new hire and the default work schedule needs to be changed, click Correct History to change the default schedule. The Effective Date should be the date of the hire action.  If you do not have correct history, open a ticket and assign it to your AG group.  Skip to step 6.

    NOTE: This type of change to an existing row should only be done on new hires to change the default work schedule to a different schedule.

  7. If you are changing the assigned work schedule for an existing employee, add a new record by clicking the plus (+) button in the Assign Schedules section.

  8. Change the Effective Date to the effective date of the work schedule change. Note: Schedule changes should ideally coincide with the start of a biweekly pay period or at least the beginning of the week (Sunday). If the schedule uses a date other than a Sunday that is the start of a pay period, the following warning will occur:

    Schedule Warning

    Click OK to continue.

  9. In Assignment Method, choose "Select Predefined Schedule."

  10. In Schedule Group, choose UW_SYSTEM.

  11. Select the Schedule ID search option.

  12. On the Look Up Schedule ID page, enter as much information as you have in the Schedule ID field.  For example, if you are looking for a schedule that is 20 hours a week and the employee is a punch time reporter, enter P20 in the Schedule ID. You may refine the search by adding day of week and start time. "P20" can be further refined by searching for "P20_MTW_8a%" or "P20%MTW%8A%". This search will look for P20 schedules which include Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, and start at 8 AM.

    Look Up Schedule ID

  13. Click Look Up.

  14. A list of P20 schedules is presented. Find the schedule that matches the employee's shift.

    Look Up Schedule ID

  15. If you want to see the schedule's details, select the Show Schedule hyperlink.

    Assign Work Schedule

  16. The Schedule Calendar page opens. The calendar displays the schedule details for the time period, the work days in the period, and the number of hours or punch times for each day. The From Date is the start of the new schedule. The view will be for a week, two weeks, or whatever the schedule is for. A punch schedule will show work days' In and Out times and Scheduled Hours for each day. Clicking the More hyperlink by each day also shows the day's In/Out times. If you want to see the schedule for a future period, choose the From Date and click Load Calendar to refresh the view. You may click Next Period to see the next calendar in the next period.

    Schedule Calendar

  17. Click OK or Cancel.

  18. You are returned to the Assign Work Schedule page.

  19. If the selected schedule does not match the employee's shift, click the Schedule ID search option again and repeat steps 10-14.

  20. If you do not find a work schedule that matches the employee's shift, contact the HRS Service Center to configure the work schedule. Link to work schedule request form

  21. If the selected schedule matches the employee's shift, click Save.

  22. If the assigned schedule includes an AutoLunch meal deduction, the meal deduction must be added on the employee's TL Security record. Please see user procedure TL - Create and Maintain Time and Labor Security for instructions for adding the meal deduction.

    NOTE: If an employee's assigned schedule includes a meal deduction, it must be added on the TL Security page. If the employee's schedule changes to exclude the meal deduction, a new effective dated row should be inserted on the employee's TL Security page to exclude the meal deduction.
  23. Return to UW HR No Default Schedule Query page.

  24. Click the 'Completed' check box.  Your name will appear in the Completed by Section with the Date and Time noted.


  25. Click the Home link to return to the main WED page. 


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