WiscList - Scheduling Feature Shutdown

To accommodate new functionality in the Office 365 system, the WiscList Scheduling feature will be disabled for new lists and eventually shut down entirely. This document details the upcoming change, and what it means to people who use this feature.

What is WiscList Scheduling?

All WiscLists have a primary email address like listname@lists.wisc.edu. The WiscList Scheduling feature allowed usage of a secondary email address like listname@groups.wisc.edu or listname@groups.office365.wisc.edu.

This secondary address could be used for scheduling meetings, and also to send messages. See below to learn how this change affects you.

I use WiscList Scheduling for calendar invites in Office 365 or the old WiscCal system.

You can still invite the members of a WiscList to a meeting, but you will not be able to see the members' free/busy status. To invite members to a meeting, add listname@lists.wisc.edu to the invitation, and the list members will get the invite.

I use WiscList Scheduling for emailing (including alerts).

We recommend that you use the primary email address to communicate with the members of your WiscList. Do this by addressing your messages to listname@lists.wisc.edu moving forward.

If you used the groups.wisc.edu address for alerts, whether it was to ensure quick delivery or due to other concerns with your WiscLists, please read on to learn about the options available to you moving forward.

Replacing groups.wisc.edu for alert emails

Option 1: Continue to use your WiscList

If your alerts are time-sensitive or have the potential to exceed 300 messages per day, we recommend that you contact the WiscList team for a consultation. We will help you make sure your WiscList is properly configured to avoid dropped messages or unnecessary delays.

Messages sent to listname@groups.wisc.edu won't be lost, but we recommend you use listname@lists.wisc.edu.

Note: When we shut down the scheduling feature, messages addressed to groups.wisc.edu will be re-routed to lists.wisc.edu and will be processed by WiscList (see Timeline below).

Option 2: Create a new Office 365 group

On June 28th, the Office 365 team will enable the ability for users to create groups in Office 365. For a comparison of features between WiscLists and Office 365 groups, please see Document 52663 is unavailable at this time..

Note: If you would like to name the group the same as your WiscList, you must first disable scheduling on your WiscList.


  1. Sunday, June 28: Office 365 will allow creation of groups. See Office 365 - Getting Started with Groups for information on how to create a group in Office 365. If you would like to create an Office 365 group with the same name as a WiscList, you must first disable scheduling on the WiscList.
  2. Sunday, July 12: WiscList Scheduling for new lists will be disabled. You will still be able to disable this feature on any WiscList that already has it enabled.
  3. October 2015: WiscList Scheduling will be disabled for all WiscLists. All emails sent to groups.wisc.edu will be re-routed to lists.wisc.edu.

If you are currently using groups.wisc.edu and you choose not to take any action before October 2015, you will still receive messages sent to your WiscList. You may notice differences in delivery times based on the number of messages WiscList is processing, or spam-protection measures like dropped messages if your list exceeds 300 messages per day.


For questions about this change, how you should configure your WiscLists, or for a consultation on how to manage your alerts lists, please contact us at: wisclist@doit.wisc.edu

For questions about Office 365 groups, please contact the DoIT Help Desk.

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