KB User's Guide - Documents Tab - Default Keywords

This document explains how to create default keywords that both authors and admins can apply to each document.

Create the Default Keywords

  1. In the KB Admin Tools, open a specific document in Editor mode of your choice: Design or HTML.
  2. Click on the Edit link under the Keywords* link.

  3. A pop up screen will appear. Enter your keywords in the Default Keywords for Your Group text field provided. You may expand this window by clicking and dragging the anchor button on the lower right corner of this field.Click on the Update button to save your changes.

Apply the Default Keywords

  1. An Insert link will appear under the Keywords link. Click on the Insert link.

  2. The Keywords text box will auto-populate with your keywords you entered in the Default Keywords for Your Group field in the pop up window.

Update Previously Set Default Keywords

  1. Click on the Default Keywords link.
  2. The Default Keywords pop up screen will appear.
  3. The Default Keywords for Your Group text box will appear populated with the default keywords.
  4. Make the appropriate updates in that text box.
  5. Click the Update button.
    • Note: Updated default keywords will not be available until the document edit screen is refreshed.

Best Practices

Keywords describe the content of your KB document subsequently helping search engines identify and organize the documents on your live site(s). Here are some things to consider when creating document keywords, enter:

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