Help Desk - Student Technical Writer Position Description

Help Desk Support - Student Technical Writer position description

Position Summary

Student Technical Writers perform the essential service of creating, updating, and maintaining documentation in the Help Desk KnowledgeBase and related KB spaces. If you've relied on a KB doc recently, there's a good chance that a Technical Writer is behind it!

Student Technical Writers have opportunities to build and demonstrate communication skills, which are essential to any future job search. In addition to writing clear and concise documentation, Technical Writers are expected to reach out to service providers across DoIT to learn about new processes and bring information back to the Help Desk. Technical Writers also have the opportunity to create and work on their own KB improvement projects.

You may be a good fit for the Technical Writer team if:

Like SLPs and Developers, Student Technical Writers serve in a leadership role. Technical Writers are expected to continue their professional growth at the Help Desk by participating in trainings for new services and by completing HDQA training, if this has not been completed upon hire.

This position reports to the Technical Writer Team Lead, Dana Gerber-Margie.

Student Technical Writers will earn $12.75 an hour for all Help Desk hours worked.


50% - Help Desk Operations

45% - Help Desk Knowledge Base Management

5% - Professional Development

Required Experience and Skills

Preferred Experience and Skills