MyUW - Expired Bug - Broken beta experience after August 2015 Release

MyUW beta initially rendered a broken experience after the 2015-08-11 release for some users, seeing placeholder text in place of useful text. This will no longer affect anyone since browser caches will have since expired.

Nature of the issue

After the upgrade, a few users report seeing something like this.

Screenshot showing AngularJS placeholders instead of useful text

This is, of course, not the intended experience.


This issue is an occasional side affect due to aggressive caching (which improves performance). Users experiencing this can resolve the issue by clearing their browser cache. For more information, see Clearing Browser Cache and Cookies.

Affected users could also try a different web browser (it's not a Chrome vs Firefox issue, but a user's local usage of a different web browser will likely have a different cache state and may simply not have cached the content that is inconsistent). This solution can be adopted temporarily in that in a day or so the original browser's cache should expire such that it will work properly with MyUW even without manually clearing the cache.

Users particularly inconvenienced by this issue could temporarily revert to MyUW classic ( use this link to revert ).

Hope for the future

While we have made some changes to improve cache invalidation and consistency, clearly there are still ways these caches can become inconsistent in a given browser across a MyUW upgrade. Revisiting how client-side caching works in MyUW is on the priority queue.

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