What does "Access to CAE Resources is Expiring" mean?

This was an automated message, generated in response to a change in your status in the UW database. This courtesy message says that if you do not meet one of the conditions listed below after the specified date, your account MAY start the expiration process. CAE accounts remain active as long as one of the following is true:

  • You are employed by the College of Engineering
  • You are an Engineering student
  • You are taking an Engineering course
  • You have Emeritus status

You may get this message if your status is about to change (for example, your appointment is up for renewal). Again, this is automated and if your status is updated in the database, your account will not expire.

You can always check your account status by going to the CAE account management web page and clicking on the "Account Details" link. If your account is scheduled to expire, it would indicate so at the top of the page.

        Account Status

CAE closes the accounts of graduating and non-continuing students 2 weeks into the fall and spring semesters. Access to FTP to retrieve your files is retained for another 4 weeks until the inactive account, including all files, are deleted.

Account extensions are granted only under 'special circumstances'. A letter or email is required from an Engineering faculty member on the student's behalf to consider an extension. Extensions are granted only one semester at a time. Please contact the CAE Helpdesk (helpdesk@cae.wisc.edu) for consideration of an extension.

File Backup

Before you leave after the semester and school year, it is a good idea to backup all your files on to a portable drive or using File Transfer Protocol to move them to another computer. It is important that you make your own backups before your accounts are closed after graduation.

NOTE: Once your account has been deleted your files can not be retrieved or restored. Be sure you have moved or copied everything you may want to keep before your account is deleted.

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