KB User's Guide - SitePref Tab - Customize the Page Not Found Message

You must have full user permissions for your space to perform these steps.

Admins and Users who have permissions to access the Site Preference tab may create/edit a Custom Page Not Found page for your KB site. This document will walk you through this process.

What is a 404 Error/ Page Not Found Message?

A 404 Error / Page Not Found message is an HTTP standard response displayed when a server cannot locate the web page requested. It happens when the your KB site encounters:

Design a 404/Page Not Found for your KB Site

Display a customized 404 Error page to include:

  1. Navigate to the Site Preference Tab > Custom PageNotFound link
  2. nav-custompage.png

  3. You will be led to the Custom PageNotFound page. You will be presented with two text boxes in which you can create/modify two distinct sets of instructions for the Internal and the External KB Site.
  4. CustPageNotFound_entryfield.png

How to Avoid a Search Yielding a 404/ Page Not Found Error

Admins can run the KB Broken Link Checker

For some inspiration for creating your page, check out this article!