DoIT Repair - Installing Windows on Apple Computers

DoIT repair offers software service for installing Windows operating systems on an Apple Computer. There are two options for this service: Dual booting the machine using Boot Camp Assistant, and installing a virtual machine with parallels.

NOTE: If the customer has redeemed their free Windows license from the CSL, we do not need product keys prior to check in. We will have a record of their license information already.

Boot Camp (Dual Boot)

DoIT Repair will ONLY install Windows in Boot Camp on a computer that is MacOS 10.15 or earlier, has an Intel processor, and is approved for a full format. Customer must back up all data before checking the computer in or it will be lost. If the customer would like us to back their data up and restore it to the machine after Windows installation has completed, they must supply their own external hard drive to back up the data. The size of the hard drive must be at least the size of the data the customer wants to back up from the device).

The customer's hard drive must have at least 60GB for Boot Camp partition.

Price: This service is free. User must provide their own Windows product keys.

Turnaround Time: standard repair turnaround

Self Help: Install Windows 7 and earlier on your Mac using Boot Camp, Use Windows 8.1 on your Mac with Boot Camp, Use Windows 10 on your Mac with Boot Camp

Parallels (Virtual Machine)

The customer's hard drive must have at least 30GB for virtual hard drive.

Price: Customers must purchase Parallels on their own directly from their website. User must provide their own Windows product keys. Product key for both Parallels and Windows must be listed in the incident description. Windows key does not need to be listed if they are redeeming their free of Windows 10 license. Please note that Parallels license key can take up to 30 minutes to be emailed to the customer.

Turnaround Time: standard repair turnaround.

Self Help: Parallels - Installing Parallels 10 Desktop, Installing Windows on your Mac using Parallels Desktop, Parallels - Installing Microsoft Office on a Windows Virtual Machine

Purchasing Windows

Students: UW Madison students are eligible for one free Windows 10 Education installation, which they can redeem at the Campus Software Library. They will receive their product key via email. If a student has already used their free installation, they can purchase it directly from Microsoft.

Faculty & Staff: UW Madison faculty and staff can purchase Windows directly from Microsoft.