Course Proposal - Stagnant Course Proposals

Occasionally, a course proposal  may be started but then for whatever reason it is decided not to move it through the approval process to completion.  Rather than just leaving the proposal in the system, these proposals should be canceled which removes them from user's workflow lists.  A proposal that has been submitted for review by the proposer is canceled, not deleted, which means that if someone ever wants to pull information from the proposal they will be able to find it using the search feature.  The proposal itself can not be reactivated but information can be copied and pasted.  

Who has access to cancel a proposal?
When the proposal is under review by the subject owner, school/college, or university curriculum committee these are the roles/privileges that can cancel the proposal:
  • The user who initiated the proposal
  • Users with a REQUIRED-APPROVAL role for the proposal at that status
  • Users who have the ADMIN role

Guidelines for when a proposal should be canceled

The course proposer, the subject owner or their designee may cancel or request that a proposal be canceled at any time if they have determined that the proposal is not needed.

School/college curriculum coordinators may request that proposals originating in their school/college be canceled if the proposal is not going to move forward. It is helpful if before doing initiating the cancellation a comment is entered on the proposal that asks any interested parties if they wish to move the proposal forward.  It is highly recommended that proposals be canceled if they have had no activity (an approval entered or a comment entered) for 1 year or more. 

Requests to cancel should be sent to and include a link to the proposal (rather than just the subject/course number as there may be multiple proposals in the system for a single course). 

Draft Proposals
Course proposals that are in draft form (have not been submitted to the approval workflow by the proposer) will be deleted from the system by the administrator 1 calendar year after they are created.  Proposers are encouraged to delete their own proposals if they determine that a proposal will not be moved forward to completion.

How to delete a draft proposal

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