WiscList - Contacting List Administrators

This document explains how to contact the list administrators of a WiscList mailing list.

Method One: Direct Email

You can contact the administrator(s) of any list by emailing the generic owner address for that list.

  • Send an email to owner-listname@lists.wisc.edu, where listname is the name of the list.
  • For example: If the list's email address is mylist@lists.wisc.edu, you would email owner-mylist@lists.wisc.edu to contact the list administrators.

Note: The WiscList service team will never divulge the names or email addresses of a list's administrators.

Method Two: Use WiscList Admin

If you're trying to contact the administrators of a list to which you are subscribed, you can use the Contact List Administrators link in WiscList Admin.

  1. Log in to WiscList Admin.
  2. Click My Subscriptions in the left-hand navigational menu.
  3. You will see a table with all your lists. Click the desired list.
  4. Click Contact List Administrators.