Selected Resources that Support Program Review*

Data resources on this page support program review, specifically the self study.

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Data resources on this page support program review, specifically the preparation of the self-study.  See also the self-study template.

The director of Academic Planning and Institutional Research (Provost’s Office) and the assistant dean of Academic Planning and Assessment (Graduate School) are available to work with dean’s offices in support of program review and to assist program faculty with the assembly of data in support of self-study preparation. Deans and program faculty are invited to contact these offices for assistance.

Data resources in the form of standard reports are available on the following websites: 

Specific Resources

Use the Academic Structure to confirm which programs are associated with your department.

Make use of the Guide entry and Lumen for program description, curriculum, learning outcomes, assessment plan, and other program information.

Assessment Reports

Make use of your program assessment reports that are found in Box.

2018 reports -
2017 reports -
More about annual assessment reports -


Enrollment information for all programs (for tabulations and link to dynamic dataviz)


Courses Completed by Bachelor’s Degree Recipients – for course patterns in your undergraduate major

Wisconsin Experience

Participation in Wisconsin Experience/High Impact Practices, including by-major for undergraduates

Grading Patterns, High D/F/Drop Rates

Courses with high D/F/Drop rates and gaps among demographic groups should be reviewed regularly

Graduate Data Explorer

For detailed information on graduate programs including application, enrollment, degree and funding information see the Graduate Data Explorer 


Information about advising and advising/advisor tools - 
For advisor assignments see Advisor Assignments IDE -

Graduate Handbook Template

Make sure your Handbook is up to date and consult it for relevant information

Institutional survey data available at the major level includes:

National Survey of Student Engagement (undergraduate) -
Undergraduate First Destination Survey -
Graduate School exit survey data -
Doctoral/PhD Student Experience Survey -

Degree, Other awards, Time to Degree, and Progress to Degree Information 

Degrees and awards, all levels -
Undergraduate Time to Degree -
Graduate/PhD Time to Degree - 

After Graduation Information including Earnings Data 

Earnings data by-level and by-major -
Undergraduate First Destination Survey -
Graduate School exit survey data -

Updated/New Data

Updated information on newly developed data resources, see RADAR

Additional Policy Information

Program Review Policies

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