Catastrophic Leave Processing in HRS


As of 7/1/2015, the catastrophic leave program allows most University Staff, Faculty, Academic Staff, and Limited employees to voluntarily donate leave credits to other UW employees either at their own or at a different UW institution who have a catastrophic need for which no eligible paid leave benefits or replacement income is available.

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Process Considerations:

Recipient Eligibility: 

Recipient Usage:

Donors Eligibility and Rules:

Required Forms: Process Outputs: Catastrophic Leave Policies:


Steps to be followed by the Campus and Department:

  1. The campus designee(s) will review applications to determine eligibility of recipients
  2. The campus designee(s) will issue an approval or denial consistent in accordance with program policies and guidelines listed in BN 5. 4A
  3. The campus designee(s) will notify the appropriate payroll and/or department office of approved recipients
  4. The campus will provide notification to the donors that their donated hours have been applied to the recipient
  5. The payroll/department office will solicit donations for approved recipients, consistent with established policies
  6. Once the donor forms (UWS-422) are received, the payroll/department office will date stamp when form received in the office and process donations consistent with section BN 5, 4B & 4C
  7. The payroll coordinator will create a WiscIT listing all the donors who have elected to donate their leave. The signed and dated Donor Authorization forms and Recipient's approved application needs to be attached for the UWSS Service Operations to do the processing.  As additional donations are received they must also be date stamped and sent to UW Shared Services
  8. Before using catastrophic leave, the recipient must have exhausted all sick leave hours and have no more than 16 hours of combined accrued annual leave.
    • The coordinator must be sure to use the employee's own available leave before using any donated leave
    • The payroll/department office will notify UW Shared Services of how many hours of catastrophic leave the recipient will need each pay period
  9. After receiving notification that UW Shared Services has applied the catastrophic leave donation, the coordinator will enter a catastrophic absence take
  10. Examples of the catastrophic take entries:
    • If the employee is Faculty, Academic Staff, or Limited:
U Cat Take
  • If the employee is University Staff:
C Cat Take
11. When the catastrophic leave take is processed to the paycheck for University Staff employees, the take will be listed as REG hours in Review Paycheck

Steps to be followed by the UWSS Service Operations:

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