Kaltura - Enabling MediaSpace oEmbed in WordPress (UW-Madison)

This KB document is targeted at Wordpress admins who have the ability to add plugins to their Wordpress site. If you are a Wordpress user on the UW-Madison campus and you need oembed to work with your Wordpress instance, please contact your Wordpress admin. Please provide a link to this KB document. The purpose of this document is to show how to enable the embedding of media from UW-Madison's Kaltura MediaSpace in your Wordpress site. This is done by installing a plugin that adds Kaltura MediaSpace to a allow the display of oembed providers.


Reminder: This document is targeted at Wordpress administrators. If you are not an admin and you want to enable embedding of media from UW-Madison Kaltura MediaSpace, please contact your Wordpress admin.

By default, Wordpress has a pre-defined list of websites from which content can be provided. To allow content from UW-Madison's instance of Kaltura MediaSpace to be embedded in your Wordpress instance, we need to add MediaSpace to your allow the display of oembed providers. For more information on oembed, please see http://oembed.com/.


  • Admin access to your Wordpress site
  • Media in UW-Madison Kaltura MediaSace need to have their permissions set to either Unlisted or be published to a public channel. Media with their permissions set to private will not work with oembed and Wordpress. Do not publish media with copyrighted material or sensitive information as unlisted or in a public channel.


  1. Download uwmad_kaltura_oembed.zip.
  2. Navigate to your Wordpress dashboard and click Plugins.
  3. Click the Add New button near the top of the page.
  4. Click the Upload Plugin button near the top of the page.
  5. Click the Browse... button and select the file uwmad_kaltura_oembed.zip.
  6. Click the Install Now button.
  7. In the next screen you should see the text "Unpacking the package…", "Installing the plugin…", "Plugin installed successfully.". Click the link Activate Plugin.
  8. You should now be taken to a page listing all of your Wordpress plugins. You should see that "UW-Madison Kaltura Enable oEmbed" is active.


Your users will now be able to embed Kaltura MediaSpace media within your Wordpress site. Please remember that the permissions of the media need to be set to Unlisted or the media needs to be published to a public channel.

For a tutorial on embedding media in Wordpress, please see: Kaltura - Embed Media Using oEmbed (WordPress or Pressbooks) (UW-Madison).

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