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There may be occasion where you want to migrate document(s) residing on an Institutional website, a Departmental website, an existing web based blog, an online wiki, etc. into your KB Space. If you have about ten or so documents to migrate, follow the steps in this document to make it happen. If you have more than fifteen documents to migrate, we invite those with KB Admin permissions to review this document and use a more efficient XML import method.

Moving Documents from a Web Site and into your KB

Secure HTML from desired Web page

  1. Open Firefox. Make sure you have the Firebug Plugin installed. You may also use the "Inspect Element" in your browser.

  2. Highlight a line of text in your chosen web page and right-click. Select Inspect Element or Inspect Element with Firebug from the dropdown menu.
  3. The image below show highlighted text on a web page. Upon right-clicking you will see the option to either Inspect Element or Inspect Element with Firebug (if that plugin is installed).

  4. A panel will appear underneath the highlighted web page text.

    The image below shows the highlighted text on the web page. I have colored that a bright yellow for your reference. In the Inspect Element panel below that, the browser has highlighted the text in blue.

  5. Highlight the HTML code in the Inspect Element panel that you want to migrated into the KB document.
  6. Left-click and select the “Copy HTML ” option from the menu that appears.

Pasting the Copied HTML Code From a Web Site into a KB document

  1. Open a new KB document in the HTML Editor Mode.
  2. Type in the Title of the Web document in the Title field of the KB Doc.
  3. Enter the word “placeholder” in the required Keywords and Summary fields of the KB doc. (or, take the time and enter that information in those fields.)
  4. Left-click in the Body field of the KB document's HTML editor and select "Paste" from the menu.
  5. Click on the Preview button at the bottom left of the Body field, a pop up screen will appear .
  6. Compare the the KB Preview screen to the Web document to see if all the content from the body of the Web document is in the KB Document.
  7. Finally, save changes in the KB document and follow your KB group’s regular workflow to publish a KB document.

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