Guest Net ID, UW Wireless Access

This document provides information for obtaining a guest UW Net ID for visiting speakers and conference attendees.



Guest NetID's are used to provide wireless Internet and VPN access for individuals who are guests of the UW Madison Campus.

For Guests

The Guest NetID service is intended for people who are guests of campus, such as conference attendees and visiting professors who are not enrolling as professors or students at the University. 


How to Obtain

If you are visiting campus and would like a Guest NetID, talk to the department or coordinator responsible for your stay.

For Departments

Guest NetIDs can be issued by employees of UW-Madison only. 

Employees with affiliated organizations (e.g. UW Hospitals, Wisconsin Alumni Association, etc) must also have a valid appointment with UW-Madison in order to be able to create Guest NetIDs. 



There is no charge for this service.

How to Obtain

Visit to access to the Guest NetID service. You will need to login with your NetID and password.


Please see the Department Administrator if you have questions about Guest Net IDs and UW Wireless Access.