WiscWeb CMS - Responsive Template (rst) - Post List

This document explains how to add a Post List to your pages. Post Lists provide the functionality of blogs, news, and events lists all in one.

See http://www.demo.wiscwebcms.wisc.edu/responsive/post-list.htm for some examples of a Post List.

  1. Open WiscWeb CMS and navigate to the page on which you want to add a Post List.

  2. Click on Open Page.

  3. Click on Manage Main Content.

  4. Click on Create and Connect Page.

  5. Click on Post List.

  6. Name the Post List (e.g. Post List - Chancellor's Blog). Click OK.

  7. The Post List is now added to the page.

Post List Settings

The following settings are available for Post Lists. To access settings, click on Open Event list where you added the Post List.
  • Element Type: Choose Events, News, or Blog.

  • Block Title: Enter a title that appears above the list. You can leave this blank if you don't want a title.

  • Title Link: If you want the Title to link to another CMS page, click on Reference Page and choose that page.

  • Show Summary: Choosing Yes will show the summary on the list.

  • Show Date: Choosing Yes will show the date on the list.

  • Show Time: Choosing Yes will show the time on the list.

  • Show Location: Choosing Yes will show the location on the list.

  • Show Author: Choosing Yes will show the author on the list.

  • Number of events to display: This option is seen after clicking on the red dot. You can limit the number of events/blog posts/news articles by entering a number.

  • Responsive Settings: Allows you toggle where the list appears. You can choose Yes or No for large (desktop, laptop), medium (tablet), and small screens (mobile phone).

Adding a new Post

In order to use this document, you will need to have a Post List on your page. If you have not done so, please add a Post List by following the instructions in WiscWeb CMS - Responsive Template (rst) - Post List.

  1. Navigate to your Post List and click on the red dot to open it.

  2. Click on Maintain Events Post.

  3. Click on Create and Connect Page.

  4. Add a Headline (e.g. Post Page - Back to School) and click OK.

  5. The Post is now added to the Post List as "Event Title".

  6. Click on Event Title.

  7. You will be taken to a page to add details for the Event.

  8. Click on the red do to edit the Post.

  9. You can enter Title, Date, Time, Location, and Author. You can omit any of this information by leaving them blank.

  10. You can now enter your content for the post by clicking on Add Content. You have the same content options as you would on normal pages.

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