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This document provides the basic process and settings for exporting Camtasia projects to MP4 (.mp4) video files on Camtasia 2018. This is the final step in the creation process for recorded presentations.

Step 1 Confirm Audio Quality

Check the audio at the beginning, middle, and end of the presentation. Also make sure that the audio performs as expected through slide transitions.

Step 2 Adjust Canvas (if size is lower than 1280x720) - Optional

It is best to have an HD quality video (720 pixels or higher), which means that the Canvas size should be 1280x720 or higher. If the video's Canvas size is lower than that, adjust it up to 1280x720. If it is higher, it can be carefully sized down, but is not necessary. Sizing down could cause important information in the presentation to be cropped out.

If the dimensions (or Canvas size) need to be edited, go to Edit  Project Settings.
Click on the Dimensions box and select "720p HD (1280x720)" under Widescreen (16:9) options.

Edit --> Project Settings

Project Settings --> Dimensions

Select 1280x720

Step 3 Exporting the Presentation

Go to Share  Local File.

Share --> Local File

Step 4 Basic File Settings

Use the drop-down list to select "Export to MP4 (.mp4)". Enter a proper file name and choose where to export the file. Click Options next to access the video's Advanced Export Options.

Basic Export Settings

Step 5 Advanced Export Options

1280x720 is EPD's recommended size. Make sure to preserve aspect ratio using the fit within size option.

Frame rates should be set as follows, depending on motion in the video. Lowering the frame rate can help reduce the file size in videos that contain slides only.
  • Set as 5 frames per second for PowerPoint slide-based lecture video
  • Set as 10-15 frames per second if there are PowerPoint animations in the video
  • Set as 30 frames per second for videos with live action, people, movement, etc.
Lowering the data rate can also help reduce the file size in videos with static slides (no live action/movement/animation).

Advanced Export Options

Step 6 Quality Check and View

Check the following to ensure desired product:
  1. Desired file size (should be small)
    • Ex: A 20 minute slide-based recording should be well under 50MB
  2. Make sure to scrub through the final video to review its audio and video quality
  3. Ensure that no cropping has occurred, and that all information is visible in the video
More Info

If there are any further questions, contact IT or watch the tutorial videos from TechSmith.

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