GoPrint - Add Money to your Wiscard Account for Printing

This document gives an overview of the accounts that can be used for Wiscard printing with GoPrint and how to add money to them.

The following accounts can be used to pay for printing in locations that use GoPrint:

  1. Print Account - Add Money

    • Print Account funds can only be used for printing on campus.
    • No Fee for adding money to your Print Account.
    • Minimum of $5.00 added at a time.
    • Once money is added to your Print Account, it cannot be refunded or transferred to another individual or account.
    • To check the balance currently available in your Print Account, you can view it on the computer at a GoPrint release terminal after logging in with your NetID and password (or card number and pin for guest/departmental print cards). You can also view it after swiping a card (either Wiscard or guest/departmental print card) on a reader attached to a copier.
    • To print from your personal computer once funds have been added, follow the instructions at GoPrint (Win) - Printing from Personal Computers or GoPrint (Mac) - Printing from Personal Computers.
  2. Wiscard Account - Add Money

    • Wiscard Account funds can be used for a variety of purchases on campus
    • Deposit into the account with electronic check for free.
    • 2% fee for adding money to Wiscard Account via credit card.
    • Minimum of $15.00 added at a time.
    • To check your Wiscard Account balance, click here here.
    • More information about your Wiscard Account

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