Running the Health Opt-Out Incentive Business Process in HRS


Effective January 1, 2016, UW employees who are covered under the State Group Health Insurance program may be eligible to receive $2,000 by opting out of the program. The Department of Employee Trust Funds (ETF) and the Department of Administration -Division of Personnel (DPM) have provided the following guidance regarding the health Opt Out Incentive option.This KB describes the business process for documenting the employee opt-out decision.

Process Considerations:

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Employee & Employer Share - Incentive Schedule:  
(The schedule indicates which pay period the Employer Share of a Health Insurance Opt-Out Incentive will be added to an employee's payroll check.)



Institution Process:

  1. Institution verifies that the employee completes the following sections of the health application:
    • Section 1: Applicant Information
    • Section 2: Spouse Information
    • Section 12: Decline Health Insurance and Elect the Opt Out Incentive marked YES
    • Section 13: Employee signature and dated
  2. Institution completes Employer Information.
  3. Benefit Administrators should be entering information from Section 11 into HRS - Benefits Personal Data Page and enrolling the employee into the Health Opt-Out plan into HRS - On-Demand.
  4. Institutions will receive an email notifying them of the approval or denial of the Health Opt-Out decision.  They will need to contact the employee with the information.
  5. If the employee rescinds their Health Opt-Out enrollment, the Benefit Administrator will need to update HRS to remove/change the Opt-Out enrollment.

UWSS Service Operations Process:

  1. Complete initial verification
  2. Email ETF to verify eligibility
  3. Create WiscIT with Empl_ID, Employee Name, and Opt Out Verification.
  4. Send an email to the institution on approval or denial.
If Opt-Out is Denied:
  • Remove Health Opt-Out Incentive enrollment from HRS
  • Reconcile incentive premiums

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