Office 365 - Free/Busy lookup between UW System/Schools/Colleges and UW Health

We continue to improve calendaring interoperability between different Office 365/Exchange systems across UW System campuses. You now have the ability to view free/busy (also known as calendar availability) information for scheduling purposes.

Important: the information in this document pertains to accounts in UW-Madison's Office 365 system and the external Office 365 systems mentioned below.

Which UW System/Schools/Colleges does this work with?

Which other organizations does this work with?

How do I access free/busy information of a user?

When creating/modifying a calendar event, add the address of the user (anyone from the above systems) to the attendee field - the information under this user's name/address will either show "free" or "busy" for the time designated in your event. This will allow you to view their availability prior to sending them the meeting request.

Can I subscribe or add the calendar of one of these users to my calendar view?

No. Since these users are external to UW-Madison's Office 365 system, the only way to subscribe or add the calendar to your calendar view is to have this user either share their calendar with you or provide a public link to you.