L&S Fund Management: Project Numbers

Quick overview of project numbers, old and new.

Project Number=Seven character alpha-numeric code that identifies the spending account

This is part of the funding string: FUND/DEPT/PROJECT/PROGRAM/ACCOUNT CODE

Project numbers identify the spending account where expenses will be posted.  Use the Project Search to find projects in WISDM.  Projects have budgets, expenses, and a balance.  Payroll, P-Cards, e-Reimbursements, DPs and other payment mechanisms ask for the project number.

History of Project Numbers

NOTE 1: Projects keep their originally assigned number, existing project numbers are not changed when the naming convention changes.
NOTE 2: When we shifted to SFS, it required seven character project numbers.  Our old project numbers were four characters, so the fund number was tacked onto the front, creating a new seven character project number.  Pre-2008 projects have been converted to seven character codes, so I show them that way, even though originally they would have been identified by the final four characters.
NOTE 3: As projects close, you’ll see fewer of the older project numbers.  Because 233- and 161- projects seldom have end dates, these funds will display more of the older project number formats than other funds.  

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