DoIT Shared Tools - JIRA - Login and Access Troubleshooting

This document describes why common login issues occur and how to resolve them. If you continue to experience issues logging into DoIT JIRA, please contact the DoIT JIRA Admins via the DoIT Help Desk.

Login Cycling Error

If you are able to log in directly to JIRA but are unable to log in when following a project link, it is likely that you do not have access to view the project.

If you continually bounce back between JIRA and NetID login screens when following a specific project link, please contact the project administrator to request access.

Timed out of JIRA after only 5 hours

DoIT JIRA uses Apache Tomcat, which is a server and JSP/Servlet container that handles both static and dynamic pages. The static pages are generated using HTML. The dynamic pages are generated using Servlet and JSP.

Apache Tomcat has a maximum session time of 300 minutes (5 hours). If you are on JIRA with work in progress and exceed the 5 hours, your session will time out and you will lose your work. You will also be led to an unfamiliar screen to log back into JIRA. This document,  DoIT Shared Tools - JIRA - Unable to Login to JIRA/ Led to Unfamiliar Screen , will help you to get back onto JIRA.

Inactive Account Troubleshooting

If you once had access to JIRA and are repeatedly seeing an error that your information is incorrect, it's likely that your account was inactivated. This document reviews the deactivation of users in JIRA due to the lack of their activity.

How can I tell if my account has been inactivated?

Users who have previously accessed JIRA should be prompted to select their campus via the Wisconsin Federation page.

However, if you are prompted to log in again or get an error that your credentials are incorrect, it is likely that your account has been automatically inactivated.

Why do JIRA accounts get inactivated?

JIRA accounts get inactivated because either:

Auto-inactivation does not alter any of the settings or data relating to the (inactivated) user.

How do I regain access to my inactivated JIRA account?

If you suspect that your account has been inactivated, please contact to regain access.


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