ECMS - Service Business Insight Use

This document explains how to use ECM Service Business Insight

ECM Service Business Insight Use

Issues with Business Insight following the upgrade to Perceptive Content version 7 require that we provide access to Business Insight outside of the Perceptive Content Client. This KB document details the steps necessary to access and run reports in Business Insight.

  1. Credentials are your (e.g.,

  2. Log into Business Insight using Microsoft Internet Explorer:
  3. Click on ImageNow Departmental Contacts Reports .

  4. 58987-BIDeptContactsReports.png
  5. Select a report and click on the play icon.

  6. 58987-BIGenerateReport.png
  7. Select a format and delivery for your report, (Excel 2007 is the recommended format) then click Run.

  8. 58987-ReportFormatDelivery.png