UW-Madison - IT - Guest NetID Policy

The Guest NetID Policy applies to faculty, staff and student employees who are requesting Guest NetIDs on behalf of guests, and to the guests who are receiving a Guest NetID.


Guests at UW-Madison may require access to the campus network to do their work while visiting. Examples of guests who may desire network access include conference and meeting attendees, seminar speakers, and others who visit the university for a month or less. Guests requiring temporary network access can obtain a Guest NetID from an authorized UW-Madison employee.

For guests who will be at UW-Madison for more than a month, a formal digital identity should be created. Please see "Getting NetIDs for Affiliate Populations".


The following requirements apply to Guest NetIDs issued to persons who do not otherwise have a UW-Madison NetID.

For guests:

  1. Guests are subject to the same laws, policies, and procedures governing access to information technology resources as UW-Madison faculty, staff, and students. Please see the "UW System Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources" and the "UW-Madison IT Compliance Agreement".
  2. Depending upon the activities of the guest there may be other relevant policies and guidelines. Please see "UW-Madison IT Policy".

For temporary guest ID requestors:

  1. UW-Madison faculty, staff, and student employees can request Guest NetIDs. Please see "Creating a Guest NetID Account".
  2. Each Guest NetID will have the NetID of the person who created or modified the record associated with it.
  3. Each guest must be issued their own unique temporary Guest NetID.
  4. Guest NetIDs must be set up only for the period of time that the individuals using them are university guests.
  5. Requestors are responsible for ensuring that guests are aware of the laws, policies, and procedures governing access to information technology resources at UW-Madison, and any other policies and guidelines that are relevant to the activity of the guest while using the guest NetID.
  6. The requestor is responsible for knowing which temporary NetID was released to which guest.
  7. The requestor is responsible for making records available for audit.

For service providers:


  1. The UW System Board of Regents policy 25.3 "Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources" authorizes the UW System to,

    "…take reasonable measures to protect the privacy of its IT resources and accounts assigned to authorized users... Any activity on UW System IT resources may be monitored, logged and reviewed by UW System-approved personnel... The UW System has the right to employ appropriate security measures, to investigate as needed, and to take necessary actions to protect UW System IT resources…"
  2. The Guest NetID Policy is issued by the UW-Madison Vice Provost for Information Technology (VP IT).


Failure to adhere to the provisions of this policy may result in the suspension or loss of access to UW-Madison IT resources; appropriate disciplinary action as provided under existing procedures applicable to students, faculty, and staff; civil action; or criminal prosecution. To preserve and protect the integrity of UW-Madison IT resources, there may be circumstances where UW-Madison may immediately suspend or deny access to the resources.


Please address questions or comments to policy@cio.wisc.edu.