UW-Madison - IT - ITC Vision for Campus IT - 2018 through 2023

ITC Vision for Campus IT - 2018 through 2023

Position the University of Wisconsin-Madison to realize strategic mission goals through a coordinated and innovative set of campus IT services. Design and operate an efficient data-oriented and interoperable IT infrastructure focused on delivering service-oriented outcomes.

Strategies to Achieve Vision

  1. Shift key performance metrics from a focus on IT activity to service and value-oriented outcomes aligned with institutional mission and strategic objectives.

  2. Optimize the existing service inventory by reducing redundancies and moving toward standardization of tools through creation of a campus-wide service catalog.

  3. Enhance information sharing, analytics and data to allow campus IT stakeholders to make more data-driven decisions.

  4. Identify, define and implement an appropriate sourcing and management model for IT services based on a hybrid platform model including on-premises and cloud services.

  5. Adapt IT campus organizations to be brokers of services through definition of user needs and management of the service inventory and cloud services.

  6. Create a new campus IT funding model to support the IT mission and strategies.