Windows - Running SuperAntiSpyware

SuperAntiSpyware is an application that finds and removes spyware from a Windows computer. This document provides instructions for running SuperAntiSpyware. Click here to download SuperAntiSpyware.

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The tools in this document are not developed or supported by DoIT. The University of Wisconsin is not liable for any loss of data resulting from use of these tools. Please make sure that your data is backed up. If you are having a computer problem that you are unable to resolve, Get Help from DoIT.

  1. Run the SUPERAntiSpyware file to install the program.

  2. 1Run_SAS_Setup.PNG

  3. Select Next.

  4. 2SAS_Install.PNG

  5. After reading the terms and conditions at your discretion, select I Agree.

  6. 3SAS_TC.PNG

  7. Select Next twice more.

  8. 4Registration.PNG5Destination.PNG

  9. Review the configuration options, then select Next.

  10. 6Configuration.PNG

  11. Select Finished.

  12. 7Finished.PNG

  13. Once the new pop-up apears, select Decline. The program works the same whether you accept or decline the trial and accepting the trial will lead to unnecessary pop-ups asking for you to purchase the full version.

  14. 8Trial.PNG

  15. Once SUPERAntiSpyware has openned select Scan This Computer.

  16. 9Start_Scan.PNG

  17. Select Quick Scan.

  18. 10Quick_Scan.PNG

  19. Select Continue, the number of found items is normally very large, do not be concerned if you have a large amount of tracking objects.

  20. 11Continue.PNG

  21. Ensure that everything is selected with a red X then select continue.

  22. 12Deleting.PNG

  23. Select Continue to finish.

  24. 13Scan_Complete.PNG

  25. Now that you are done with using SUPERAntiSpyware, you may want to remove the program from your computer, to do so either press the windows key or button and type add or remove a program, then press Enter on your keyboard.

  26. 14Add_and_Remove_Programs.PNG

  27. Select SUPERAntiSpyware and then select Uninstall, agree to any promts that are given.

  28. 15Remove_SAS.PNG

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