Directory - Add a new individual

Directions on how to add a new individual to the data base follow. This could be a new user, a new instructor, a new prospect for marketing purposes.

Use the Actions tab to select Create New Individual.

The following screen appears to enter the name  you wish to add:

A note about formatting names with three word names such as:  Jackie Joyner-Kersee or Hillary Rodham Clinton.

If the last name has a hyphen - the entire last name should be entered in the last name field.  See following example for Jackie Joyner-Kersee.  Alphabetically, this name will appear under "J."

If there are two last names used but the last names are not hyphenated, ie, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Hillary Rodham goes in the first name field and Clinton goes in the  last name field and alphabetically will appear under "C."

If the middle name field is completed, the system will always format that entry as the first letter with a period.  In both of the examples below, the output for print or electronic output will be:

Hillary D. Clinton. 

If the double last name is desired, eliminate the use of the middle name and enter the name as in the example above.

After the name is entered, click "Save User."

Next this screen appears that gives a list of possible duplicates for your entry that are already in the system.  If your entry is indeed "new" according to the entries displayed, click "Continue."

The next screen represents a search of the UW-Madison person data base to determine if the individual appears in the global UW-Madison Directory as an employee or student.  In the example below, the individual does not exist in the UW data.  Click "No Match Found" at the  bottom on the screen.

Next the screens and tabs for completing the creation of this individual appear:

If there would have been a match in the UW Data Base, there would be contact information displayed under the first tab:  "UDS Contact Info."  Since the individual is new to CSIS and to the UW Data Base, click to the next tab "Additional Contact Info," to enter contact information.

When you enter this information you also have the capability to designate the type of address and type of phone number that is included. 
You can also enter degrees here.  This is how the completed screen displays.

Note that the designation "preferred" appears at the top of each contact box.  If an individual has more than one address, phone or email, you can click on the "new" link again and enter another set of information.  You are then given the option of designating which choice in each category is preferred.  The "preferred" information is the information that prints on documents such as PIRs and is pulled for marketing purposes.


To save this information - click Save Changes and Close at the top left of the screen or click to another tab.

The "Supplemental Info" tab is used for internal purposes, designating which program areas a staff member works with.

"Marketing Preferences & Interest Codes" is the area where an individual's interests are recorded for marketing purposes.  If you are adding a prospect for marketing, indicate here which program areas the individual is interested in and how they prefer to receive their information.  In the example below, this person wishes to receive information on Substance Use Disorders and Ethics for Human Service Professionals.  Notice that the list of interest codes is alphabetical by code designation but when items are selected, they move to the top of the list.

This person wishes to receive this information via Email and US Postal Mail. 
If this person indicated that they didn't wish to receive any information, the "Send marketing materials to this individual?" field can be changed to "No" and when queries to pull names for mailings are run, this individual would be suppressed.

Next is the Biographies tab.  This is where biography information about an instructor or program director is entered and will be displayed for marketing purposes.  Note that the biography entry text begins AFTER the persons name.  The name of the entry is displayed automatically in the entry.

If the link to "View Edit History" is clicked, the user can see who last edited this entry and when the edit was done.

The final tab in this section is "Privileges."  This area is used for entries in the Directory who will have access to functions in the system such as Administrators, Program Coordinators, Program Associates, Program Directors and Marketing personnel.  Instructors and participants would not typically be given logon permissions and privileges to use the system.  The Privileges screen appears below.

The privileges are grouped by functions.  Setting privileges is restricted by user logon.  Only users given privileges to select these fields are allowed to select choices here.  There are also defaults for user groups setup for selecting privileges for various groups in a more efficient way.  By selecting the drop down "Select Default Permission Set..." the various groups of privileges are displayed, can be selected and also edited.

This box can also be used to remove all permissions from an individual or to setup a new default set of permissions (privileges).

The next set of tabs records the Relationships an entry has with CSIS. 

  The first tab is Organizations.  In all the relationship tabs, the relationships are populated as entries are created in programs.  In this entry, the person's employer is listed.  In the upper right corner, you can remove a relationship if it becomes invalid or add new ones from the Organizations that already exist in CSIS.  You can also create a new Organization.

The 2nd tab is "Programs/Presenter."

This tab lists all the programs an entry has been a presenter for and also includes information about how they were paid and how much.  This information is populated from entries in the Financial Planning Form and Instructional Form.

The next tab is the "Programs/Participants" tab.  This tab will give information about all programs an individual has attended.  This information is populated from USI - the UWEX Registrations Services registration system.  This system has a direct connection to CSIS and feeds information to the system about participants on an ongoing basis.

The "Educational Reviewer" tab is used by a specific group of users to record reviewers of their curriculum.

Finally the User Management tab currently has one function and that is to "Merge Individuals." 

If duplicates are detected in the system, they can be merged here.  But first a user should determine that the duplicate exists by reviewing the contact information in both affected records.  You can do that from the main directory screen by just hovering over each record.  They contact information will be displayed.  Once you have determined that a duplicate does in fact exist, open the record on one individual and search for duplicates.  Records that are duplicates will appear on the right below the search box.  Use the plus sign to add the individual and the record will be merged.  A date will appear beside the individual indicating the date the merge was completed.

Return to the Super Document regarding the "Directory" for additional information on Directory functions:

Directory Tab

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