HIPAA Training Enrollment (Privacy Coordinator Information)

Information for the HIPAA Privacy Coordinators to Facilitate Enrollment in HIPAA Training.


 NetID Enrollment Instructions

(1) Generate your list of trainees by NetID as of Monday, February 20, 2017, to be enrolled using this spreadsheet. Guest users (non NetID enrollees) will be handled via a separate process).

    • All faculty and staff within the UW-Madison HCC must take annual HIPAA training. 
    • While not all of the School of Medicine and Public Health, the School of Pharmacy, or the Waisman Center are within the HCC, all faculty and staff from those HCC units must take the training. 
(2) By the end of the day on Monday, February 20, 2017, enroll your trainees in the course.
    • Prepare the enrollment file

1.       Copy the NetIDs from the spreadsheet in step 1 into column A of the D2L enrollment file.csv.

2.       Make sure all rows have the following info:

1.      Column B: Student

2.      Column C: 1

3.      Column D: False

3.       Save the file to your desktop as a .csv file

    • Load the enrollment file into Learn@UW
      1. Access the 2017-2018 HIPAA Privacy & Security Training course.
      2. Click the Course Admin drop down > Edit Course from the top right navigation bar.
      3. Under Learner Management, select Classlist.
      4. From the Classlist page, Add Participants drop down, select Import users from a file on your computer.
      5. Click Browse, locate the .csv file you saved in 3.3 above and click Open.
      6. Click the option to "send email to users" (checkbox should be checked).
      7. Click Import.
      8. Resolve any errors in the upload by repeating this process with an updated enrollment file. Typically the error is due to having the NetID listed incorrectly.

  1. Load UDDS information to the Gradebook.
    • Prepare the gradebook file
      1. Open the gradebook import.csv file
      2. Copy the NetIDs of your users into column A
      3. Copy the UDDSs of your users into column B
      4. Make sure for each record row, there is a # is column C.
      5. Save the file to your desktop as a .csv file
    • Load the file into the gradebook
      1. Click Grades from the top-right navigation bar.
      2. Click the Enter Grades tab.
      3. Click Import.
      4. Click Browse, locate the file and select Open.
      5. Check the "send email" checkbox.
      6. Click Continue.
      7. Click Continue.
      8. Review the import preview and click Import if looks as expected.
        1. Note, you should only be adjusting the UDDS field.
        2. If you notice that you are OVERWRITING an existing UDDS value, you will want to reach out to your fellow coordinators to resolve this issue as to who ultimately claims responsibility to this person being trained (related to dual appointees, student hourlies).
  2. On or before Wednesday, February 22, 2017, send the HIPAA training announcement (distributed by email to all HIPAA Privacy Coordinators on 2/13/17 from Amanda Reese) to the email addresses in your spreadsheet or to email distribution lists or forums deemed most appropriate for the trainees in your HCC unit.

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  Guest and Self Enrollment Instructions

  1. Direct guests or UW-Madison employees/student who want to take the training to the Request Registration form.
    • The UW Office of Compliance Project Assistant (currently Cheng Brandau) will process enrollees via the Request Registration form and send them instructions to access the course.

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  Reporting Instructions

Please run reports during the following weeks and send reminders to managers on the following dates:

  • Report date 1 03/10/17
  • Report date 2 03/24/17
  • Report date 3 04/03/17 (Reminders sent based on this report should indicate training is PAST DUE)
  1. From the course, click the Grades link from the top-right navigation bar.
  2. Click the Enter Grades tab.
  3. Click the export button.
  4. Select the following options:
    • Key Field = Username.
    • Grade Value = Grade scheme.
    • User Details = select all checkboxes.
    • Choose Grades to Export = leave all selected.
  5. Click Export to Excel
  6. Download the file and open with Excel
  7. Apply a sort and sort by UDDS's for each manager.
  8. Copy and paste the data into a new spreadsheet, save and send using the Manager email template.

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  Unenrollment Instructions

If anyone indicates they should no longer be required to complete the HIPAA training because of a change of appointment or employment status, please verify the change with your HR department. Upon verification from your HR department, you may unenroll them.

To unenroll a user follow the Removing a Student from a Course instructions.

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  Ongoing New Hire Instructions 

Enroll new hires who will work with PHI in HIPAA training within 5 days of their start date.

Please enroll new hires as soon as possible and run reports on completion on previously enrolled new hires on no less than a monthly basis (weekly basis preferred).

  • Instructions to enroll New Hires in HIPAA training
    1. Go to course name
    2. Log in
    3. For batch enroll, follow the instructions below. To just enroll a few students, follow the Registration Tool instructions.
      1. Make sure you note the UDDS of each learner you are enrolling as you will enter that information in the next step.
    4. Once done adding learners, go to the Gradebook to add the UDDS.
    5. To update the UDDS for a batch of students, follow the instructions above, otherwise to update a for a few, click Grades from the top-right corner of the course navigation bar and Follow the Entering Grades by Spreadsheet view instructions making sure to only update the UDDS column.
    6. Once the user is enrolled send an enrollment email so they know they can access the training via Learn@UW.

  • Reporting on New Hires completing HIPAA training
    1. View individual completion via the gradebook or follow the above instructions to run reports.

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  Instructions for Registration upon Request for HIPAA Training (for UW Office of Compliance and UWSMPH)
  1. On a regular basis, check the registration request responses spreadsheet for new entries.
  2. Decide what action to take, if the user has a NetID, enroll them in the course and add their UDDS per normal. Send them an enrollment email.
  3. If the user does not have a NetID, follow these instructions to create a guest Learn@UW account. Then enroll them in the course, add their UDDS and send them the Guest User Emaillog-in instructions for Learn@UW are slightly different. Make sure you provide the user with their guest Learn@UW username and password.
  4. After you have processed each registration request, complete columns F-H of the registration request responses spreadsheet.

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