TAM - Add Recruiting Location to Job Opening (i.e. city in which the vacancy is located)

The purpose of this document is to provide details needed to add Recruiting Locations to the Job Opening.

As part of the Vietnam Era Veteran's Readjustment Assistance Act, the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) requires all UW job vacancies to be available to job seekers on the appropriate State or local job service.  For Wisconsin, this is the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Administration's (WI DWD) Job Center of Wisconsin website.  To avoid each institution manually adding each job posting to the site, UW System participates in a free indexing service to provide all postings listed on Candidate Gateway to the WI DWD's Job Center site

All institutions must add the city/state Recruiting Location to every new Job Opening to allow for the indexing service to properly identify the city in which the vacancy is located.  This will ensure that the location appears accurately on postings for the WI DWD Job Center of Wisconsin website.

Recruiting > Create New Job Opening
Recruiting > Find Job Openings
Recruiting > Browse Job Openings

1. Navigate to the Job Opening Job Details page, click on the Add Additional Locations link below the Recruiting Location field.  This takes you to the Job Opening Locations screen.

2. On the Job Opening Locations screen, click Add Recruiting Locations in the Recruiting Locations section. Leave the UW Business Unit (institution) marked as the Primary Recruiting Area.

The UW Business Unit (institution) must be included as a Recruiting Location.  Otherwise it has undesired down stream affects for applicants.  If the UW Business Unit is excluded, then applicants will receive an error message stopping them from completing their online application for the job opening. Error message reads "Please enter an Ethnic Group Since you have not Declined to provide the Self Identification Details, please enter an Ethnic Group to proceed." However, the whole Self Identification Details section is missing from the online application.  Thus, the applicant is no able to proceed.

3. Click the magnifying glass to see a list of city/state options and select the appropriate option from the list which identifies the city the vacancy is located.

4. Click Save. Only clicking the “Save” box here will not commit the save of the new location to the Job Opening.

5. If the following warning message appears, click OK.  This courtesy message will appear if there is only one Target Opening in the Job Opening.

6. On the Job Details page, click the Save icon to commit the city/state Recruiting Location to the Job Opening.

Note: Recruiting Location marked as Primary Recruiting Area will appear in the Location column in the Job Search Results in Candidate Gateway and Self Service Careers.

Postings can still be found from Advanced Search using any Recruiting Location associated with the Job Opening.  However, in the Advanced Search, the Recruiting Locations appear in alphabetical order.  As a result, the institutions and the city/states will appear mixed.

Recruiting Locations appear in the Location field on the Postings in Recruiting Location ID ascending order.  The city/state Recruiting Locations configured in TAM will have a higher ID number and will appear last in the Location field on the Posting.  This city/state location is required and must appear last in the Location field on the Posting so the indexing service can identify where the vacancy is located.

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