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This article quickly Explains how clusters work and how to implement them.

A cluster in a Moodle Lesson is a group of pages/questions that is randomly selected from when it is accessed. In the example below, The sequence of pages of the student will see is Content1>Random question out of Question1/Question2/Question3>Content2>Content3

Example Lesson

Using clusters

1. From your course homepage, click the link to the desired lesson. If you haven't created a lesson yet, use this article to help. Click the Edit tab. Locate the page before the group of questions that you want to put in a cluster and click the Add a cluster.

2. Next, locate the last question page in the cluster and click Add an end of cluster below it. By default, the cluster’s end page will take students to the next page in the lesson.

3. You can send students back to the beginning of the cluster to attempt another random, unseen question by clicking the Update icon to the right of the end of cluster page and changing the “Jump” to the cluster’s starting page. If you use this method, students will see all question pages in the lesson, but in a random order.

Cluster Addition

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