Canvas - Exporting your course materials from Moodle and importing them into Canvas (UW-Madison)

You can export your course contents from Moodle and import them into a Canvas course to help save you time when building your Canvas course for the Canvas pilot.

Create a Backup of your Moodle Course

  1. Login to your Moodle Course.
  2. On the left-hand side under Administration click on Backup:

  3. Select the items you want to include in your Moodle course backup. Do not check "IMS Common Cartridge 1.1" or "Include enrolled users". The following is only an example - choose what you want to backup and click Next:

  4. Moodle will display a list of items to include. Review the list and click the check box next to the items you want to include. If you have uploaded media files to Moodle we recommend not exporting these to keep your backup to a reasonable size, and instead upload your media files to Kaltura MediaSpace. Please see Kaltura - How to Upload Files to Mediaspace (UW-Madison)
    Once you have selected everything you want to export click Next:

  5. Moodle displays a filename for the backup and a summary of what will be backed up. You can change the filename if you would like. When you are satisfied with the name scroll down and click Perform Backup.
  6. Depending on the amount of material in your Moodle course the backup could take a while to perform. Once it is completed Moodle will display a message "The backup file was successfully completed." Click Continue.
  7. Moodle will display a page called Import a backup file. Scroll down to the User private backup area. Click the Download link next to the backup you just created to download your Moodle course backup:

  8. Save the file somewhere on your computer where you'll remember to find it for the next step. Canvas courses currently have a quota of 1024 MB. If your Moodle backup file is larger than 1024 MB you have two options: A.) Remove some of the items from your course backup if you are not using them to reduce the size of the backup file, or B.) Contact Instructure support or your local School and College support staff to request a quota increase

Import your Moodle Backup into Canvas

  1. Login to your Canvas course.
  2. Click on Settings on course navigation menu. 
  3. Click on Import Content into this Course on the right hand side of the screen:

  4. Next to Content Type click the drop-down menu and select Moodle 1.9/2.x.
  5. Click Choose File. Navigate to the file backup you created in Moodle. 
  6. If you want to import questions into a specific question bank, select the question bank you want questions imported into next to Default Question bank.
  7. Select either All Content or Select Specific Content depending on what you want to import. 
  8. It is likely you will want to check Adjust Events and Due Dates since it is probable you are importing course materials from a previous semester and the dates won't match up. Often it is easiest to select Remove dates but you can also select Shift dates.
  9. Click Import:

  10. Canvas will import your course content. Depending on the amount of content this can take anywhere from a few minutes to an hour or more. Once the file has been uploaded Canvas will display a progress bar showing you that it is running and importing content:

  11. Once Canvas has completed importing your Moodle content it will show as completed and indicate if there were any issues:

  12. You can click on the issues to see a summary of the issues:

    Make note of the issues to address in your Canvas course. Clicking on the highlighted issues will take you to that page in your Canvas course for you to edit. There may be non-highlighted issues as well that may not have an analog in your Canvas course.

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