Canvas - Tips and issues for instructors moving from Moodle to Canvas (UW-Madison)

This article outlines some of the issues an instructor may experience moving from Moodle to Canvas.

The following are some of the issues reported by users to the Canvas Pilot team as part of the 2015-2016 pilot. This list is not intended to be comprehensive but will assist instructors making the move to Canvas from Moodle. You may also find Document 62784 is unavailable at this time. to be of interest. Please use the comment feature at the bottom of the page to make suggestions for additions to this document as you discover issues or best practices you feel other instructors would benefit from:

  1. Moodle modules import as unnamed modules in Canvas.
  2. Activity restrictions do not import into Canvas.
  3. CSB / CSCR activities do not import into Canvas from a Moodle course backup. You can upload and link a published CSCR .zip file into Canvas and create a module topic linked to the index.html file separately. Please be aware that CSCR activities can not be connected to the Canvas gradebook. 
  4. SCORM objects (for example Captivate presentations connected to the gradebook in Moodle) do not import into Canvas from a Moodle course backup. If you do need a SCORM object or Captivate presentation to connect to the gradebook you will need to re-import the SCORM objects as an assignment into Canvas. Once a SCORM object is reimported into Canvas it will connect to the gradebook, but you will not have access to detailed SCORM reports. More information on how to do this is here. Captivate presentations that are uploaded to Moodle without a connection to the gradebook will import into Canvas, but will need to have the index.html file relinked to a Canvas module topic.
  5. Kaltura Video Resources exported from Moodle and imported into Canvas will not work. You will need to re-embed your media. For more information, please see Kaltura at UW-Madison: Known Issues, Workarounds, and Best Practices.
  6. If you plan to export your course and import it into Canvas and you use more than basic quiz functionality in Moodle, plan to take some time to look at your quizzes and questions to make sure they work the way you intend. Pay attention to the following issues:
    1. Quizzes exported from Moodle and imported into Canvas import as “Practice Quizzes” and do not connect to the gradebook. They should be changed to “Graded Quizzes” and reconnected to the gradebook.
    2. Point totals for questions should be rechecked as we’ve found that after import point totals are not always correct. Point total for “Pick a question out of group X” never transfers correctly.
    3. Canvas does not keep the grade percentage for fill-in-the-blank questions. If you enter any percentage other than “0”, Canvas treats the fill-in-the-blank answer as a correct answer. Occasionally it will do the reverse and count partial credit answers as wrong.
    4. It is not possible in Canvas to explicitly define “incorrect” answers for numerical questions. Canvas imports all answers for numerical questions from Moodle as correct.
    5. Canvas does not allow for custom quiz pagination the same way Moodle does. Questions can either be all on the same page, or one at a time - nothing in between.
  7. The Moodle team has identified the following activities and question types as potentially difficult to migrate to Canvas.  We are working on ways to mitigate these difficulties, so this list is subject to future changes:
    1. Real Time Quiz
    2. Lesson
    3. Case Scenario Builder (CSB)
    4. Checklist
    5. Data
    6. Feedback
    7. OU Blog
    8. Quiz Question Types
    9. All calculated question types
    10. All drag and drop question types
    11. Stack questions
    12. Pattern matching questions

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