University Committee Meeting Minutes 2015-05-11

approved May 18, 2015
May 11, 2015

Present: Broman, Edwards, Fair (chair), Petty, Wendt
Absent: Meyerand

1. Meeting called to order: 1:00 PM.
2. Disability and Accommodations Advisory Committee – Rule Waiver Procedures
(Ivy Corfis, Barb Lanser, Brian Vaughan)
a.DAAC members presented proposed changes to rule waiver procedures (primarily the process for requesting tenure clock extensions) to address confidentiality concerns. This would not be a change to FPP or faculty legislation, but rather a rewording and recasting of the process to make it coherent and appropriate. Primary concern is about sharing of medical information and making reasonable accommodations. Proposed revisions, substantially mirroring the faculty accommodation policy, incorporate campus DDRs into process.
b.UC asked whether DDR step should be mandatory or recommended. Only way to protect confidentiality is to have DDRs serve as resource and mediator. Agreement to add “when medical information is required” to proposed changes. 
c.Ample discussion of how to make policy known and offer guidance to chairs. 
d.Consensus that changes are necessary and should be made. 
e.Ample discussion around what constitutes “reasonable accommodation.” Requirement is a process that balances institutional and individual needs.
3. Minutes of the meeting of May 4, 2015, approved.
4. Petty informed UC of upcoming meeting with Robin Vos. O’Meara, Cook, and Burstyn will also attend. Goal is to solicit conversation and respectfully correct any misperceptions and hopefully explain some of “our” position. Following meeting, Petty will provide a report to inform Cook, Bernard-Donals, Fair meeting with chancellor on Friday. 
5. Discussion segued into legislative update (PROFS). O’Meara updated UC on other meetings being planned. Bad news about revenue increases importance that legislator not pass off attacks on shared governance and tenure as “flexibilities.” On plus side, chambers of commerce (Madison and Milwaukee) pushing for more funding to higher education.
6. Petty moved and Broman 2nd to convene in closed session pursuant to Wis. Stats. 19.85(1)(c) and (f) to discuss personnel matters. Motion passed: 1:45 PM. 
7. Committee assignments.
a.The UC discussed possible names for a 1-semester sabbatical vacancy on the Library Committee. Due to the difficulty of finding a person for such a short term, the UC resolved to not name an interim and leave the seat open for one semester.
b.The UC considered names for the Memorial Library Committee. 
c.The UC considered nominations for a joint seat on the UAPC and CPC.
d.The UC considered candidates for the Retirement Committee.
8. Edwards moved and Wendt 2nd to reconvene in open session. Motion passed: 2:02 PM.
9. Provost update (Sarah Mangelsdorf)
a.VCFA Darrell Bazzell joined Mangelsdorf for first part of provost update. Bazzell updated the UC on his presentation of the new budget model to the Deans Council. Budget based on teaching (80% credit hours, 20% degree home) applied to limited portion of 101 funds beginning July 1. 
b.Mangelsdorf asked UC about named professorships. Discussion of wide variety of campus, school/college, and departmental types of named professorships. Some come with money; some are honorific; and some can be accumulated. Mangelsdorf requested guidance on accumulation of multiple named professorships by individuals. Fair suggested working with VPFS to develop clearer guidelines, which could in part be based on leadership council 2012 document ( Policies should also include guidance on how named chairs are approved and at what level. Mangelsdorf suggested an endowed chair/appointment committee, as exists here with academic staff and at other institutions for faculty.
10. Chancellor update (Rebecca Blank)
a.UC updated the chancellor on item 4 above. 
b.Blank updated the UC on her award ceremonies, commencement, and staff assembly. 
c.WARF board working well with new VCRGE. Request for increased allocation approved. UC should work with URC on structure of core request.
d.Blank will write a blog post about reserve funds.
e.Blank reaffirmed her decision about Jansport and the importance of maintaining the 800 Wisconsin jobs associated with this contract.
f.Climate change divestiture expected to come up again this year. UW values sustainability and there is ample investment and research here in alternative fuels.
11. Meeting adjourned: 3:07 PM.

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