Top Hat - Syncing Rosters and Grades with D2L

Top Hat courses can be linked with D2L courses. Instructors, this allows you to invite students from your D2L course to your Top Hat course course, and sync grades from Top Hat to D2L, with the press of a button. This document describes how to configure the integration between Top Hat and D2L and sync up your classlist and grades.


Top Hat allows you to synchronize with your Desire2Learn (D2L) course to make it easier to communicate between the two systems. 

The main reasons why you might want to implement this integration are: 
  • Add your student roster automatically to Top Hat from D2L 
  • Push your grades from Top Hat to D2L in a few clicks (opposed to manually exporting and importing your gradebook via Excel)
  • Allow students to check their Top Hat grades from either D2L or Top Hat 
To get started, please make sure you are the Instructor in the D2L course and that you have an account on Top Hat. If you don’t, please see Top Hat - Account Setup (Instructors) to get started. 

If you need assistance at any time with this process, please contact Top Hat's support for help. Contact information can be found here.

Syncing Top Hat with D2L

  1. Within your Top Hat course, click the Settings option on the left.
  2. Settings option

  3. In the window that appears, click the LMS tab.
  4. LMS tab

  5. Click Click here to authenticate with Desire2Learn
  6. Click here to authenticate

  7. The Learn@UW Madison login screen appears in a pop-up window; click the red UW NetID Login button to log on with your NetID credentials. 
  8. Login page

  9. The Course Dashboard appears; select Direct access to > Desire2Learn > My Home.
  10. Dashboard

  11. The D2L My Home screen opens in another window; navigate back to the Top Hat course screen. 
  12. At your Top Hat course screen you will see the Course Settings window with the "Waiting for a response from your Desire2Learn server" message open. Click the Save button in the Course Settings window.
Save button
  1. You'll see a "Course settings saved" message. Click the OK button.
OK button
  1. Once again, go to the Settings option on the left side of the screen, click the LMS tab, then click Click here to authenticate with Desire2Learn
  2. A pop-up window opens. You may see a message saying Top Hat is trying to access your information and asking if you’d like to proceed. Select Do not ask me again for this application, then click the Continue button. 
  3. In the Top Hat window, you will see a list of all your courses in D2L. Select the D2L course to sync with your Top Hat course, then click the Next button. 
Select course
  1. You will see the Ready to sync with alert. Click the Sync button to start the process. 
  1. Once the sync is complete, click the Save button to exit the window. From now on, each time you want to sync this Top Hat course with its corresponding D2L course, access the Top Hat course settings and click the Sync button. Or, simply go to the Top Hat Gradebook and click the LMS Sync button.
Save sync

Managing Students

In your Top Hat course there are three main tabs: Content, Gradebook, and Students. You can keep track of your student list by clicking the Students tab and checking the Enrolled and Pending tabs.

After syncing, your students will automatically be added to the pending list if they don't have Top Hat accounts. You can click Email All to invite your students automatically. If they already have existing accounts on Top Hat, they will be automatically enrolled. 

You can remove students by checking the box next to their names and clicking the Disenroll button. To remind students to sign up on Top Hat, you can click on the green Invite button next to their names in the Pending tab, or click on the Email all button to remind everyone.

Working with the D2L Gradebook

You can grade students in Top Hat within the Gradebook tab. 

After your Top Hat course is synced to your D2L course, you can log on to D2L, go to the D2L Gradebook, and see a list of all your graded items. You will notice that there is a new item for Top Hat, set to a numeric type with one maximum point. This will be the translation of the average on Top Hat, meaning that if a student has a 50% average, they will get 0.5 points out of 1. You can change the maximum to 100 if you prefer to see 50/100. The grade will update every time you click Sync in the LMS tab in your Top Hat course settings or click the LMS Sync button in the Top Hat Gradebook. You can modify the D2L gradebook item as needed and it will show up like a regular graded item for your students in D2L. 

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