QWS3270 - Access to Mainframe Computing Part 3

The DoIT mainframe will be decommissioned at the end of June 2019. For more information see: Document 91453 is unavailable at this time.

This document provides information about the following:

NTX Menu Screen
Sign on Screen
IMS Login and TP Authorization Form
IMS Screen

Signing onto IMSVS


There are two routes you can use to log onto IMSVS. The first method, explained on this webpage, is via F6-ADMIN. The second is via F2-TPX (the preferred method).

  1. The NTX menu screen.

    The NTX menu is the first menu you get when you start up QWS3270.

    • You can either tab down to the line with ADMIN on it and press Enter.
    • You can press F6.
    • You can type in ADMIN on the command line.
    • All three of these will take you into the user signon information screen.

  2. Sign on Screen.

    After pressing Enter on the Help screen you will get the ADMIN logon screen.

  3. IMS Login and TP Authorization Form

    On this screen you must enter your 3270 signon and password.

    You or your department should have followed the directions given in Mainframe - Obtaining Authorization to request authorization for the Mainframe. On this form you would list the transactions that you need to have access to. The best source for this information is to talk with someone in your office that already has access to the transactions and view their list of authorized transactions.

    After you enter your logonid and password you are then taken to the IMSVS application and it will list the transactions that you are authorized to use.

  4. IMS Screen.

    Some users have menus where they can just move the cursor to the transactions they want to use and press Enter to start that transaction or you can type the transaction name in where it says ENTER TRANSaction===>. With some transactions you can also enter parameters after the transaction name and the transaction will then execute using that information. Otherwise, you can just enter the transaction and press Enter and it will ask you for the information it needs before it can execute.

  5. When you are through with IMSVS and you wish to exit, there are several ways you can do this:

    • One way is to press F11 and with some IMS setups this will back you out of IMSVS.
    • Another that might work is to press F3.
    • You can also type in /RCL and press Enter.

    Depending on what your setup is, one of these should then take you back to the NTX menu.

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