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The Directory Tab in CSIS is where all individuals are stored. These can be coordinators, program directors, program associates, presenters and/or participants. Individuals can have multiple roles in CSIS. The roles are defined by the "Privileges" they are assigned and the role they are given when added to a program.

The first level of filters directly under the Directory tab are:
"Individuals" and "Organizations"

It is possible to add relationships between individuals and organizations.  See the reference to Organizations in  Directory - Add a new individual.

The second set of filters are:
 "Active" and "Inactive" 

A record should never be deleted in CSIS but can be "inactivated" to removed it from active view.  To inactivate a record, check the individual with the check box on the far right and use the "Action" tab and select "Inactivate Checked Individuals."  This will move the checked individual or organization to inactive and they won't appear under the "Active" list.

If the magnifying glass is used to search for a particular individual or organization, depending on which tab is selected...

...currently results will show both active and inactive individuals.

The third set of filters are:
  • Filters to narrow alphabetically
  • A filter for Department (Dept)
  • A filter for designated "Role"(s)
  • A filter to narrow by individuals who have login privileges for the system

All of these filters only display the individuals under each tab selected above them.  In other words, if the "Active" tab is highlighted and the filter is set for "A" to "A," only Active individuals whose last name begins with "A" will be displayed.

In the example below, with the filters set as illustrated, we are seeing Individuals whose last name begins with S, narrowed by the owner of LAAS and that have logon privileges to the system regardless of their role.

The fourth row of filters is named:  "Additonal Filters:"

An example of how this might be used follows:

All participants are automatically loaded into CSIS from the UW Extension Registration System (USI).  The records are marked by the interest area pertaining to the program they attended.  They are also date stamped so the most recent active date is recorded.  In the example below, a user is interested in emailing past participants for programs in Spanish who live in the Madison zip codes and have an active date of January 1, 2014 through January 27, 2016. 

A few details to note:

  • Note the filter above "Additional Filters" is set to include only names from M to M.  This was done to get a smaller sample for illustration purposes.  If this were an actual situation - the user would likely want this filter set for A to Z.
  • Wild cards work for zip codes.  The wild card is "*".  Also if several zips are desired, enter the number and press return.  A comma will be added the cursor will move the next row.

Once a data set is satisfactory, a user can use the Actions tab at the right to export the results or email the results directly from that screen.

  1. To perform any action, the user must first check the records that are intended for the action. 
  2. If "Email..." is checked, a very basic email editor opens.  (Example below.)  The editor does tell the user which records did not have email addresses.
  3. A more powerful way to use the records is to export them to Excel and they various functions become available including editing and sorting and using a more powerful email tool that will allow for CC-ing and attachments.

This is an example of how the basic email editor looks:

A few other tips for filtering:
  • It works best to set the top level of filters first and wait for the results to be returned.
  • Then open the Additional Filters bar and set the second set of filters.
  • At the far bottom of the left of the screen the prompt will indicate waiting for CSIS to process results and then it will change to transferring the results to the screen.  Once both prompts disappear, the results on the screen should be the criteria you have set in the filtering steps above.

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